What is Work Integrated Learning (WIL)?

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You may have heard about Work Integrated Learning (WIL) – but how ‘WIL’ it help you land the job of your dreams?

Taking the leap from university into the workplace can feel a little daunting when you’re suddenly experiencing a new routine, new projects to work on, and new deadlines.

That’s why WIL is a vital component to your university experience as it gives you the opportunity to gain real-world experience before you graduate.

Getting hands-on work experience helps build your confidence in the workplace, develop the skills you need to boost your career, and is the opportunity to connect with people that work within your chosen industry.

via GIPHY WIL offers the opportunity to complete work-related activities, meet new people, work on real life projects and ask questions about the industry you’re interested in. 

What types of Work Integrated Learning can you do?

WIL isn’t limited to just one type of work experience. There are many different types of opportunities you can get involved in that will help take your degree and experience to the next level: 
  • Work placements: Like an internship, work placements will give you the opportunity to spend time in an organisation where you’ll undertake tasks with workplace supervision. Yes, you’ll be the ‘new kid’ on the block, but you’ll bring plenty of new ideas, fresh perspectives and ideas whilst learning on the job.

  • Industry projects: You’ll have the opportunity to work on a real project for an industry or community partner. Typically, an organisation will provide a client brief where you’ll be asked to work with your team to apply the previous teaching.

  • Simulation and virtual learning: Simulated working experience – in consultation with industry – gives you the chance to integrate both theory and practice. There are plenty of opportunities available at Murdoch including SimLabTM technology, an immersive platform that gives student teachers the chance to practice teaching in a simulated classroom environment before their practicum placement.

For international student Lisa, her favourite part of studying a Masters of Forensic Science at Murdoch was the hands on learning experience.

"I enjoy the practicality of the degree. I love that after doing some theory in the classroom we are given an opportunity to apply it and receive feedback on our techniques.

"For example, as an assessment for one of our units, we were able to visit a local rural area, Whitby Falls Farm, and process a mock crime scene, which was set up for us by the lecturers and unit assistants."

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What will you learn from Work Integrated Learning?

via GIPHY WIL is an opportunity to immerse yourself in your chosen field and enhance your knowledge and skills.

Shane Doorn, Murdoch accounting student, completed a WIL placement with The City of Melville. Shane says that his placement offered him a unique perspective on being in a workplace and helped him make important connections with people in the industry.

This WIL experience has helped shape my understanding of how to work well in an office environment, and how to build long-lasting relationships.”

Completing a WIL placement offers many benefits that will help you gain unique skills, including:

  • Establishing a network of contacts. Undertaking work experience in your chosen industry will help you make important industry contacts who can support you or provide helpful resources.

  • Developing your soft-skills. You’ll learn many different soft skills throughout university including teamwork, community and decision-making. By undertaking work placements, you’ll develop these skills even further by having the opportunity to apply them.

  • Gaining hands-on experience. It’s all about building confidence within the workplace – so get involved and get talking. WIL is the perfect opportunity to ask your employees or guest lecturers lots of questions.  

  • Working on real projects. You’ll get to be part of the action by working with a team on interesting projects relating to your industry.

  • Finding out where your interests lie. Unsure of what pathway you want to follow in your career? WIL offers a great way to experiment and explore possible career options.

WIL is your opportunity to be the star of your own show where you can take the lead and begin your unique career journey. At the end of it all, if you really impress your employer or lecturer you may find a door open to that dream job you’ve been eyeing off.

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21 Jul 2020

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