Students preparing to go snorkelling in the ocean

Tuesday's Classroom

It’s Tuesday, July 9.

A third year class is getting ready to take part in a practical component of their unit, Tropical Marine Biology.

Far from the test tubes and pipettes which might come to mind at the mention of a science practical, the class is preparing a different set of equipment.

A floating lesson

Kilometres off the coast of Coral Bay, the smell of sunscreen hangs in the air. There are waves lapping at the bobbing boat, and a group of close friends are excitedly chatting about what they might see below the water’s surface.  

It might not seem like a typical place for learning. But for these students it is an opportunity to witness marine science in action, to examine complex biodiversity first-hand, and to be reminded of the enormous impact their studies could have in the world.

This is free thinking.

Finding your place, wherever that may be

For Jo Bulley, learning at Coral Bay meant getting up close and personal with the creatures she loves the most.

“It was my interest in the ocean and love for sharks that sparked my interest in studying marine biology. Given how much I love diving, sharks and all things marine life, it seemed like a no-brainer.”

Her curiosity and sense of adventure fit naturally into her education.

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Each day a new adventure

After a day spent racing through the water with manta rays and floating through coral forests, everyone kicks back and rests their tired limbs with a movie night back at camp.

What will Wednesday’s classroom bring?