Tahlia wants to change lives from the inside out

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Tahlia aspires to change people’s lives with her Food Science and Nutrition undergrad degree.

Tahlia Butter has always had a fascination with food. She loves travelling and experiencing food from different cultures. Now she’s combining her love for food with a deep desire to help people improve their lives. Coupled with a science degree that sees every day of studies unfold in a different way, the undergrad student is looking forward to a rewarding career as a sports dietetic.

Tahlia is studying a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition. After initially studying at another university, Tahlia transferred to Murdoch when she discovered the options she had to study about food.

She's the kind of person who likes to be challenged in her thinking and tries to think outside the box. The variety of the coursework attracted her because she knew she wasn’t cut out for a traditional nine-to-five job.

"I chose Murdoch because the course units and outcomes of nutrition seemed the most interesting and hands-on compared to other universities. When reading the course structure, I got very excited about my journey," Tahlia says.

I also know a few students who already went to Murdoch and they all said their experience with the campus and the academics was amazing.”

A passion for food helps make a positive impact on people's health

Studying for a health degree appealed to Tahlia because she felt like it was a way to do something she loved while making a positive impact on people’s lives. She was especially fascinated to learn how the correct food can help cure disease.

“I had always had a passion for food and learning about how food affects the body,” Tahlia says.

“I love the fact that I will be able to make people’s lives better and help them get off medication with the correct nutritional plan.

“I really enjoy learning how the body works and how each thing in the body connects.”

Hands-on project in food science degree leads to real-world job opportunities

The practical nature of Tahlia’s study has provided the opportunity to create a new food product and present the results to a global leader in food manufacturing. That, in turn, could lead to an internship with the multinational company.

“I’ve created a food product for a unit – pre-packaged plant-based brownies where all you have to do is add zucchinis,” Tahlia says.

“It involved researching the full market and what is involved with the release of a new product.

“My partner and I got to make our product from scratch and test it out on our class.” 

Science labs give food and nutrition undergrads competitive edge

Combining her love of food with a science degree has been another highlight of Tahlia’s university experience. She has had the opportunity to study in the chemistry labs, the wet labs, and the biology/anatomy labs. Tahlia says she’s learned to dissect different organs to get a deeper understanding of how the body works. Using exercise science equipment to learn about heart rates and respiratory rates when exercising has helped establish a strong basis for her future career and give her a competitive edge.

While Tahlia has fully embraced her studies, she says one of her greatest achievements is becoming a Student Ambassador at Murdoch. As part of the program, she visits schools and teaches younger students about her studies and her life as a Murdoch student.  

“Being a Student Ambassador has allowed me to make many great friends in all different fields,” Tahlia says.

“It’s also allowed me to create many great opportunities for networking and gain professional development in the workplace.”

Small classes foster sense of belonging for students

Tahlia is eager to recommend Murdoch as a great place to study. She says students enjoy a sense of belonging and being fully engaged with both tutors and academic staff. Tahlia’s course coordinator has taken time to understand her career goals so she can get the most out of her food science degree.

“Murdoch is a university that actually cares about their students, and the surrounding nature makes the university a lovely place to come to study,” Tahlia says.

"I would recommend Murdoch because the small classes allow for the tutors to actually get to know every student and understand how to teach us, so we're getting the most out of our experience. I am not just a number here.”

Are you fascinated with how diet can change our lives from the inside out like Tahlia? Explore a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition at Murdoch. 

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1 Nov 2021


Science, Health

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