Murdoch University to help strengthen Australian and African engagement

Mr Kojo Anna, keynote speaker at the 2019 Africa Australia, with Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen

Murdoch University is reinforcing its strong research collaborations and relationships with African partners by hosting the Africa Australia Research Forum in Perth this week, in association with Africa Down Under and The Crawford Fund.

Preceding the Africa Down Under Conference, the forum will focus on the global African community and its critical importance in the future success of the continent. 

In her opening address for Africa Week on Sunday, Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Eeva Leinonen pressed the importance of collaboration in reaching shared global goals.

“It is only through researching together that we can create new knowledge and address issues of global importance,” Professor Leinonen said.

“Murdoch University recognises the strong connections between Australia and Africa and the opportunities to build stronger ties between the two.”

“Through initiatives like Africa Down Under and the Africa Australia Research Forum we can better understand the effective structures that harness the formidable African brain power globally.”

Murdoch University’s participation with the conference supports the University’s Third Commission, an initiative which seeks to strengthen Murdoch’s links with Africa across research and innovation expertise, strategic interest and networking capabilities within Australia, in Africa and globally.

The Third Commission focusses on the six themes firmly rooted in the agenda for action identified by the Africa Progress Panel (APP) as being in need of more signification research attention, bolder policy innovation faster implementation on the ground, enhanced political leadership, and the conceptualisation and roll out of innovative research solutions.

“Through Murdoch’s Third Commission, we will be investigating the research and applied policy questions and innovations that are essential to driving forward the implementation agenda set out by the Africa Progress Panel,” Professor Leinonen said.

“And in the four thematic areas we are focused on - Power & Light, Agriculture and Food, Extractives Industry and the Blue Economy, we are exploring the role of youth and women in delivering that agenda.”

Posted on:

3 Sep 2019

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