Murdoch College opens doors to university

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Murdoch University and Kaplan officially opened Murdoch College at its South Street campus yesterday.

The College heralds a new era where international and domestic students alike will receive preparation and support to progress to undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses at Murdoch.

Kaplan delivers a range of Murdoch courses in Singapore and previously operated the Murdoch Institute of Technology in Perth.

Kaplan International Chief Executive Officer David Jones said the success of the partnership between the institutions was built on transparency and good communication.

“The Kaplan-Murdoch relationship is the most successful of its kind in private education in Singapore,” he said.

“I can’t wait to see what Murdoch College looks like in a year’s time when we have a truly diverse cohort of students here.”

Murdoch Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Deeks said he was particularly delighted the first cohort of students to graduate from the college will be among the first to enjoy learning in Murdoch’s new academic building Boola Katitjin.

“As a truly global university, with more than 21,000 students from 90 countries, and with campuses in Singapore and Dubai, we celebrate the diversity of our student population,” he said.

“And we look forward to welcoming new cohorts of international students via Murdoch College to add to this vibrant mix.”

Murdoch and Kaplan share similar beginnings, with both institutions pioneering access to education for people from diverse backgrounds.

Murdoch was the first Australian university to introduce a flexible admissions system and Kaplan’s founder, Stanley Kaplan, created the first test preparation business in the United States, providing students with access to higher education based on academic merit, regardless of background.

Kaplan remains rooted by its belief in the power of education to open doors, as does Murdoch.

“As our Strategy – Building a brighter future, together: Ngala Kwop Biddi – notes, widening access to higher education has long been recognised as an effective approach to levelling up society,” Professor Deeks said.

“This is what Murdoch has done since our foundation almost 50 years ago and we are proud to build on this tradition by further diversifying our student population and building a culturally safe and inclusive study and work environment.

“Our university is also about building strong and productive partnerships and I am delighted that Murdoch is partnering once again with Kaplan.”

Photo: (l-r) Managing Director Australia for Kaplan International Rob Regan, Murdoch University Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Deeks, and Kaplan International Chief Executive Officer David Jones.

Learn more about how you can start on your path to university at Murdoch College.

Posted on:

17 Feb 2023

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