The SONA Research Participation Portal is a system designed to serve undergraduate students, postgraduate students, and staff.

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If you are an undergraduate student in a selected Psychology unit (PSY141, BSC201, BSC302), you will gain valuable experience in different areas of psychological research, which will be helpful in understanding research described in your undergraduate units, and should assist in deciding which areas of psychology you are most interested in pursuing in your fourth year research project and beyond. Participation also helps you understand how psychological research is conducted. To get the most learning from this experience, it is recommended that you choose a wide range of research projects from those available, covering different psychological disciplines and different types of investigative methods (e.g., experimental, questionnaire, interactive). Details of the studies are provided in the Research Participant Portal advertisements (requires login). For most projects you will be able to access a report of the results (when available) through the Research Participant Portal website.

If you are a postgraduate student or staff member, the system supports the production of high quality research by providing access to a pool of participants for your research studies. When you provide volunteers with a professional research experience, you may attract students to your area of research, allowing you to recruit these students for fourth year and postgraduate studies.

The Research Participant Portal is a secure site, so personal details of volunteers remain confidential. Only projects that have been cleared by Murdoch University's Human Research Ethics Committee are allowed to be advertised. Students participating for credit may choose to complete the Written Option.

The guides below help instructors to quickly orient in SONA and answers to commonly asked questions. The documentation offer in-depth instructions on how to use the SONA System (including creating surveys, adding additional researchers to a project etc.).