The School of Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences is committed to training critically thinking scientists who are theoretically and practically  skilled to be future pathfinders in their chosen fields. We endeavour to provide hands-on, experiential learning for all our students, both undergraduate and postgraduate, with emphasis on engagement with our clinical, academic and industry partners to create, discover and innovate.  

Our mission encompasses research advances that contribute new knowledge to the health, forensic, food and fundamental life sciences. 

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The School of Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences delivers a comprehensive and relevant range of undergraduate courses in Biomedical Science, Laboratory Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Science, Genetics and Molecular Biology, Forensic Biology and Toxicology, Forensic Chemistry and Food Science and Nutrition. We additionally offer Honours and higher research degree programs together with postgraduate coursework and research programs in Forensic Science (Professional Practice) and Systems Medicine.  

The School undertakes research with an overarching goal to improve human and animal health, food production, food quality and nutrition, and forensic investigation. Our academics actively engage in relevant, translational studies that directly inform our curriculum. This integrated approach allows our students to benefit from the latest developments and practical insights, as our faculty members are deeply involved in the delivery of our programs.

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