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Supplies of water and energy are fundamental to modern life, as is the management of waste. The Centre for Water, Energy & Waste conducts research in these three related areas, ensuring human endeavours can coexist with biodiversity and sensitive ecosystems.

The centre’s core research areas

Research ranges from new wind and photovoltaic technologies, to wastewater treatment and desalination, to integrated water, energy and waste technologies that enable smart buildings, urban areas and rural communities.

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Smart batteries

Our targeted research has the potential to grow the battery metals and mining equipment, technology and services sectors in Western Australia.

This will deliver substantial economic benefits, leading to a future battery industry with an emphasis on research and technology sector development across the battery value chain.


Renewable energy

Our research programs contribute to the development of a cleaner, more secure and reliable energy industry that delivers affordable energy.

Significant research is performed in photovoltaic devices and systems, small wind turbines, biomass, energy efficiency, storage and economics, and developing-country need

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Integrating energy technologies

We conduct research that explores the integration of technical, social, environmental and policy issues of renewable energy technologies.

Our aim is to facilitate the sustainable and resilient planning of power delivery systems, microgrids and smart grids.

Green algae on water

Energy from waste

The potential for wastewater grown microalgae to be a source of energy and feedstock has raised considerable interest in microalgae as sources of liquid biofuels.

Research areas include microalgae and macroalgae cultures for wastewater treatment and the commercial production of algae for biofuels using conventional and unconventional methods.

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Smart cities

We have a focus on developing smart water, energy and waste systems for buildings, urban areas and communities.

A key part of this work is on smart power grids that use information and communications technology to monitor and actively control generation and demand in near real-time.

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Smart water

Murdoch is leading a number of translational research projects aimed at enabling water supplies from poor quality water and improving water productivity in partnership with industry and government.

Our research capabilities include water conservation, reuse and purification and are directly related to the University’s key research strengths in food security and human health.

Key researchers

associate professor john ruprecht

Associate Professor John Ruprech

Centre Director

Professor Wendell Ela

Professor Wendell Ela


Dr Jonathon Whale

Dr Jonathon Whale


Associate Professor Navid Moheimani

Associate Professor Navid Moheimani


Dr Aleksander Nikoloski

Dr Aleksander Nikoloski


Professor Parisa Bahri

Professor Parisa Bahri


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