Why you should study food science and nutrition

Do you ever wonder why some foods give you a burst of energy, why the healthy eating pyramid exists or how food affects a human body? If you have a hunger for this type of knowledge you might be suited to a food science and nutrition degree at Murdoch.

Create healthier communities

Now more than ever, there is a strong demand for fresh, tasty and healthy food. You only need to open Instagram to see people across the world showcasing their favourite ‘nutritional’ trends (think turmeric lattes, almond milk, or plant-based diets).

As we become more conscious of our health, studying a food science and nutrition course will give you an insight into these trends and how to pick fact from fiction. Your degree will give you the power to educate consumers and encourage new ways of thinking, drive important discussions and create healthier communities.

Is food science and nutrition a good career?

With a food science and nutrition degree your career choices are limitless. Your degree could lead to careers in food marketing, procurement, sports nutrition, quality assurance, media or even education. The best part is, with Murdoch’s internationally recognised degree, you will have career choices both locally and abroad.

By studying a bachelor of food science and nutrition, you will be immersed in a world that relies on technology and science to develop new food products, improve food systems and protect the integrity and safety of the global food supply chain.

Day to day you could be experimenting with colour, flavour, texture and storage life of a food product by conducting biological, chemical and physical tests. Or you might even be part of a team contributing to the promotion of healthy and responsible food to prevent chronic diseases or illnesses contributed to poor diet and lifestyle.

Make foodie history

Every day we are surrounded by new and exciting foodie developments generated from plant-based products, marine greens (think seaweed) to eco-conscious packaging created from biodegradable materials such as prawns, mushrooms or corn-starch.

Studying a food science and nutrition degree will see you test and discover new foodie concoctions, improve on existing inventions and challenge your thinking around food education, food resourcing and more. You may even find yourself being part of a team that discovers or creates something revolutionary. The world really is your oyster.

Why study food science and nutrition at Murdoch?

When studying food science and nutrition at Murdoch University, you’ll get to study in the heart of the Murdoch Health Precinct which includes public and private hospitals, and the Australian National Phenome Centre – a leading medical research institute where you’ll learn more about phenomics and how the environment and a person’s lifestyle (including diet) interacts with their genes to influence their health and risk of disease.

You’ll be able to leverage our strong industry links and work closely with a range of specialists including: 

  • The food industry in quality, food safety, nutrition and product development
  • Researchers working across food and health
  • Qualified chefs learning culinary skills
  • Qualified dietitians transforming foods to be nutritious and delicious

Murdoch is also part of the emerging Agri-Innovation Precinct in Nambeelup near Mandurah, which will champion food innovation, research and development and production. From 2022, Murdoch will open specialist science laboratories, food product research and small batch production facilities for food science and nutrition students. 

Do you think that food science and nutrition might be the degree for you? Find out more about our Food Science and Nutrition course today. Or learn more about studying at Murdoch as an international student
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24 Jan 2020

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