Murdoch University partners with Chung Wah Association to ring in Year of the Ox

To celebrate the beginning of the 2021 Chinese New Year of the Ox, Murdoch University proudly partnered with the Chung Wah Association for the 10th Annual Perth Chinese New Year Fair.

Held at the Perth Cultural Centre, the street carnival showcased traditional Chinese culture and customs, while embracing the true multicultural spirit of the West Australian community.

To welcome in the Year of the Ox, the talented Chung Wah Lion and Dragon Dance Troupes performed while spectators were treated to an array of delicious foods and beverages.

The partnership between Murdoch University and Chung Wah brought the fair-goers an exciting day of activities, with performing arts, sports and various games available at the Murdoch University Cultural Activity Zone.

“The most important part of the event was the official ceremony and multicultural concert, which Murdoch Pro Vice Chancellor International, Kelly Smith, and Dean International, Celia Cornwell, attended,” said Murdoch Regional Manager for China, Arabella Zhao.  

Having attended the event on behalf of Murdoch, Arabella recounted the day as a fun and enjoyable event for the community, where everyone could get involved.

“Murdoch has sponsored the event for three years now, with the purpose to promote onshore scholarships and courses to the community.”  

Murdoch’s information marquee was central in providing attendees with a glimpse into the Murdoch experience and a chance to meet some of the university’s free-thinking students.

The ambassadors included Bachelor of Science student Shuang Li, who made the move to Murdoch from her home in China. Known at Murdoch for her drive to develop the future of secure computer networks, Shuang hopes to use her studies to create meaningful change.

The value of genuine communication and connection is one strongly valued by Murdoch’s partner, the Chung Wah Association.

Established in 1909, the Association is the largest and longest standing Chinese non-profit organisation in Western Australia.

With a focus on promoting multiculturalism, culture and bolstering social welfare, the principles of this valued Association are a true fit for partnership with Murdoch. 

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31 Mar 2021

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