Shuang in Student Hub

From TAFE to uni

Shuang Li, Internetworking and Network Security + Cyber Security and Forensics

A little about me

I am a Chinese girl, and I came to Perth to study in 2018. I spent the first year at South Metropolitan TAFE and I came to Murdoch University after that. I am now studying a science double major in Internetworking and Network Security, with Cyber Security and Forensics.

My life is quite simple – I like to study, work, meet people and watch movies. I work part-time in IT during semester and full-time during holidays to cover my tuition and living expenses.

My study area

I developed an interest in computers when I was a little girl, watching my father repair computers and write programs.

I selected a major related to IT at TAFE. I learnt a lot to do with installing and managing IT networks, and I really enjoyed troubleshooting the network and writing programs. So, I decided to continue studying networks at university.

My pathway into university

Instead of going directly from high school to university, I got into Murdoch University by the TAFE-uni pathway. I got an exemption for 24 credit points, so I only need to complete two years of my undergraduate degree to graduate.

I also received the International Welcome Scholarship. As an onshore international student, I get 20 per cent off my tuition fees during my time here. It has been really helpful to release the load and help me put my energy into study.

What I love about living in Perth

Perth has been repeatedly rated as one of the most liveable cities in the world and one of the best study abroad cities.

I love that you can experience Australian culture while studying. Australia has a variety of landforms, such as charming coastlines, wide inland areas and modern cities. There are also many unique animals, such as kangaroos, koalas and wombats.

Also, Perth and China are in the same time zone. This is important because it makes it easier for me to communicate with my family and friends in China.

My Murdoch University experience

For international students, the most important thing is the career prospects after graduating. Murdoch's courses are very practical and students can get internship opportunities, which helps us transfer the knowledge learned in class to real life.

In addition to providing students with learning and internship opportunities, there are also various support services for students, like MyMurdoch Advice, which caters to international students. When international students encounter any learning or life problems, they know they can ask Murdoch for help.

Murdoch's staff are passionate and patient, and they are committed to helping students learn and build the skills and knowledge needed to achieve their goals. They are wise and willing to share their knowledge and life experiences.

When international students encounter any learning or life problems, they know they can ask Murdoch for help.

My life as an international student

I enjoy the Murdoch University life. I’ve met a lot of different kinds of people here. They come from different countries such as Malaysia, Pakistan, Kenya, England and, of course, I also have many Australian friends. It is an interesting thing when different cultures come together.

We often study together in the library. Although we are not studying the same majors, we are all passionate about learning, and we encourage and supervise each other.

I like the environment here. You can see students studying everywhere, not only in the library and classroom, but also on Bush Court and in the Student Hub.

I want to make a difference in the world

Cybercrime, including data breaches, network hacks, password theft, and phishing scams, is a major issue affecting citizens around the globe. After the completion of my studies, I’d like to develop the computing skills needed to design, implement, manage, and keep secure computer networks to help improve people’s lives.