How to enrol in units at Murdoch

Units are the building blocks of your uni learning experience. Like a subject in school, each unit focuses on a different topic, often with different tutors and with a unique workload.

Here your how-to guide on how to enrol in your units, which you must do at the start of each academic year.

Where do I find the unit enrolment?

Once you have accepted your Murdoch offer and received your login details, you can get started by logging into your myMurdoch account.

You’ll find what you’re looking for on the myInfo section of this account – this is where you’ll self-enrol in your units.

What to do before you enrol

Before you get started, there are some housekeeping items you need to do to get set up for the year.

Confirm or create a Unique Student Identifier (USI)

So, what exactly is a Unique Student Identifier (USI)? A USI is a government issued reference number that will stay with you throughout any studies you do. This reference number ensures all of your official training and studies will be listed in a transcript, which is a great addition to your portfolio when applying for work.

You’ll need to confirm this as part of the enrolment process. You may already have one, but if not, you can create a USI online – you’ll need this before continuing to unit enrolment.

Let us know if you have any special requirements

Next, you’ll encounter a section called ‘Services’. This is your chance to let us know if you’re part of the Guild, register your SmartRider with us, and let us know if you’re part of the Australian Defence Force or are a professional athlete.

The ‘Statistics’ section of enrolment is required by the Australian Government. It also helps the University understand if you have a disability that requires extra support, or if you identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, so we can ensure you have everything you need to feel supported throughout your studies.

How to set up your study loan

The unit enrolment process is also where you will fill out details for a university fee loan, commonly known as HECS.

HECS-HELP is a loan for eligible domestic students from the Australian Government that pays for your degree while at Murdoch. You start paying it off once you begin to make over a certain salary threshold, as outlined by the Federal Government.

For this you will need a Tax File Number. If you have been working, you should already have one. You can see this number on each payslip. If you don’t have one yet, you can apply for one at no cost through the Australian Tax Office website.

Once you have this sorted, you can fill out the Electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (ECAF) for HECS-HELP.

If you are an eligible domestic full-fee paying student at Murdoch, you can also fill out this form to apply for the FEE-HELP loan, instead.

Following, you will see a form for SA-HELP. This has to do with your ‘Student Services and Amenities Fee’ at Murdoch. This covers non-academic services you receive such as career, employment and financial advice, recreational activities and food services.

This can be paid upfront, or domestic eligible students can use the SA-HELP form to defer the fee.

How to enrol in your units

Before you start, make sure you know what units to enrol in. You can find this in your course plan on the Murdoch website, which outlines your core units and elective unit options.

Once you have this outlined, you can add units by searching the course code – these codes will be outlined in the course plan.

You’ll be asked to select the teaching period, which is the semester you will be taking the class. Keep in mind, some units can only be taken in a certain semester, meaning you will need to plan out your year to ensure they fit accordingly. If there is an issue, the system will let you know by highlighting it in red. By rolling over the red text with your mouse, it will tell you why.

This will bring you to the end of your unit enrolment. You may see that your course status will appear as ‘Inactive’, but don’t worry – this will automatically change to ‘Enrolled’ in your first week of study. 

From here, the last thing you’ll have to do before starting the semester is choose your class timetable through ‘Class sign-up’ in myMurdoch. Class sign up opens about a month before semester. After that, you’re ready to kick-off the uni year.

Need help with unit enrolment? Reach out to the myMurdoch Advice team and get organised for the year ahead.
Posted on:

1 Dec 2020

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