Get to know the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Murdoch

Humanities, arts and social sciences not only capture the spirit of the times but also provide a deep insight into the past and how we got here. Learn more about what makes our school special.

Humanities, arts and social sciences (HASS) are at the centre of everything in life.  

We want to make sense of our world and, because of that, the study of HASS can be applied to almost every subject imaginable. Take a look at some of the most discussed issues of today:  

  • Social media and its impact on culture
  • How to build strong, inclusive communities  
  • War and politics 
  • Sustainability and climate change  
  • Gender and race 
  • Technology and the advancement of AI 
  • Inequality between the have and have-nots, and 
  • Cost of living and the effect on future generations. 

Are you interested in joining this extraordinary field and turning your passion into a career? Get to know our School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences and why Murdoch is best placed to get you there. 

What’s special about the School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences at Murdoch?  

We have a welcoming, inclusive and diverse environment with people from all walks of life. Learning here is engaging, whether it’s in the new interactive environment of award-winning Boola Katitjin, on excursions, or in class during the rousing discussions that HASS is famous for. 

We were the first uni in WA to offer a course in Counterterrorism, and we’re the first in Australia to offer a major in Environment, Conflict and Security. 

We also have access to world-class facilities, like our Indo-Pacific Research Centre. 

This newly-opened Centre strives to be a leading hub of research and expertise in the region, responding to key challenges of the 21st century. Read more.  

Meet your academics 

Murdoch’s HASS researchers and academics are working on some of the most critical problems facing the world in the areas of ecology, sustainability, community, justice and ethics. They’re leaders in their respective fields and they’re very approachable and passionate about sharing information and training the next generation. We also work with community groups, industry, and government to create change. 

Did you know Murdoch gives students the opportunity to attend UN climate change talks and IMF World Bank meetings through the Global Voices Scholarship? 

Our courses are taught by internationally-recognised academics and award-winning industry professionals. For example, Dr Charles Roche, lecturer in International Aid and Development, who’s been working with communities for twenty years particularly around mining and the impact it has on local people. Or Dr Anne Schwenkenbecher, who’s achieved international recognition and was awarded Best Social Philosophy Book. Or Ian Wilson, lecturer in Global Politics and Security, who provides expert commentary on Indonesian politics and events such as the Bali Bombings and deradicalisation

A fork in the road: your life, your career path 

What lies ahead is an exciting adventure that’s up to you and your ambitions. There are literally dozens of career options possible with the degrees we offer in our school.  

Will you help identify solutions to crucial issues such as poverty, inequality or the sustainable use of natural resources? Could you picture yourself building a deep knowledge of the Asia-Pacific region? Will you master practical skills of theatre or production and marry these with your exuberance and creativity? Or perhaps you’ll explore how powerful ideas are expressed in literature, film, performance, and digital media (and maybe even write a book or screenplay of your own). Learn more about careers in humanities, arts and social sciences. 

Our School of HASS has a QS Five-star rating and we’re #1 in WA for full-time employment - Good Universities Guide 

First, you’ll need the academic foundations and community network to get there.  

Bachelor of Arts majors: 

  • Asian Studies 
  • Community Development 
  • English and Creative Writing 
  • History 
  • Indonesian 
  • International Aid and Development 
  • Japanese 
  • Philosophy 
  • Sociology 
  • Sustainable Development 
  • Theatre and Creative Production, or 
  • Tourism and Events. 

Bachelor of Global Security majors: 

  • Cyberspace, Policy and Security  
  • Environment, Conflict and Security 
  • Politics and International Studies, or 
  • Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies. 

Read more about the courses above or explore our postgraduate degrees if you’re ready for the next stage. 

We’re building a brighter future, together  

The school of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences is where you’ll get a robust education that sets you up for a rewarding career, but also where you can be part of a community who think outside the box and care about making a difference. 

Inclusion, diversity and equity are things we stand for at Murdoch. And it’s what we practice every day in HASS.  

Posted on:

19 Mar 2024

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