What job can I get with a degree in Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences?

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Whichever study and career path you choose, it’s guaranteed to be full of quandaries to be solved, fascinating topics to be mulled over, brilliant ideas to be debated, and real-world problems to be faced. Explore your career options in HASS.

Do you want a career that’s a little different to the norm? 

You could be the go-to on Medieval diets, debunking myths as you go. Or will you speak on modern-day topics like China’s emergence as a superpower, or be a leader in international aid efforts coordinating food and supplies in disaster zones? Or, if you relish in all the complexities and data in women and gender studies, you could author the next spellbinding non-fiction book that captures interest around the globe, like ‘Women’s Work: The First 20,000 years’ or ‘Invisible Women: Data Bias in a World Designed for Men’.  

We’re going to show you what kind of job you could have with a HASS degree from Murdoch. Discover more about our School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), and read on for more. 

Would a career in HASS suit you? 

We’re innately curious, natural storytellers, and have a drive to explain our world in rich, complex detail. Now, more than ever, the world needs people with an open mind, with innovative ideas and critical thinking skills, and the ability to see problems from different angles. 

Could you picture yourself joining the field of humanities, arts and social sciences, using your fierce intellect and boundless sense of wonder? See if you identify with any of the below.  

Do you: 

  • Want to work with ideas? 
  • Have an open mind?
  • Care about humanity?
  • Have an interest in how society functions?
  • Enjoy people’s stories?
  • Wonder how we will address future challenges?
  • Marvel at how history repeats itself?
  • Value nuance and different points of view?
  • Appreciate cultural and sociological research?
  • Seek a meaningful job, making the world a better place?

If this seems intriguing, welcome to your tribe at Murdoch! Learn more about what’s special about our School of HASS.

What kind of career can you have in HASS? 

Our past graduates have written books about prisoners of war, been involved in disaster recovery efforts, and one even became Lord Mayor of Fremantle! 

Community Development 

Work closely with schools, local councils, First Nations communities, remote education, social services, disability organisations, urban planning, or even overseas aid. One possible option is a community development officer in local government, where you might plan events and campaigns, or help people face-to-face in accessing services and facilities. 


When people are debating a conflict and wondering about how it all started, this is where you come in. Graduates can have careers as diplomats, government policy advisers, historians, academics, and documentary researchers. There are also opportunities as heritage consultants providing advice in conservation, urban planning, museums, and with specific cultural or prehistoric monuments.  

International aid and development 

When communities around the world are in need, you always see people rushing to assist. A degree in this field offers plenty of career options: international diplomacy, development worker, or refugee and migrant support worker. Employers include the UN, Red Cross, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) such as World Vision, and the Australian government. 

International internships can change your life.  

Meet Karis, International Aid and Development graduate. 

Japanese or Indonesian

Open up a world of possibility for a career abroad. You won’t just learn the language; you’ll be exposed to the country’s worldviews, history, and cultural practices. You could become a language teacher, tour operator or interpreter, or even add a second major to have a thrilling career as a foreign correspondent or diplomat. 

Politics and International Studies 

Politics is a red-hot topic right now, and everyone from your grandma to the barista has an opinion on the current state of affairs. You could climb the ladder to become a politician or policy adviser in state or federal government. If you’re passionate about certain issues and you’re persuasive, consider a career in lobbying. Or become a political reporter, keeping our representatives honest. 

Terrorism and Counterterrorism Studies 

There are a wide variety of roles in this area. A counterterrorism consultant identifies terrorist threats, while a security and risk manager might advise clients on potential risks – for example, an events organisation hosting a music festival. Or there’s intelligence analysts who analyse information such as satellite surveillance.  

English and Creative Writing

A strong grasp of the English language is a highly sought after skill in many jobs. You could be an author, creating new worlds in books. Or a copywriter, contributing to websites or magazines. Maybe you’ll pursue a career in the publishing industry, helping new stories be shared with the world. With further study, you may become a teacher, passing on your passion for the language to new generations.


A degree in philosophy enables you to think critically, explain complex ideas in straightforward ways, and conduct research. These skills are invaluable in many fields, including journalism, politics, and in organisations such as nonprofits and universities. With further study, these graduates also make fantastic teachers and lawyers.


A degree in sociology could lead you to improve the lives of many. Maybe you’ll become a researcher, delving into areas like education, health and lifestyle. Or, you might work in government developing policies to improve unemployment, or in a nonprofit working towards social equity. 

Sustainable Development

This ever-growing field could lead you to world-changing work in Australia and overseas. You may start your own eco-friendly business, become a sustainability consultant working in large organisations, or work for the government as a sustainability or environmental officer improving our cities.

Theatre and Creative Production

The world of the stage and screen is vast. The skills you learn in this degree will turn your passion into a career, allowing you to bring stories to life. You may find yourself writing powerful movie scripts, working at music and arts festivals around the world, or directing a modern Shakespeare adaptation on the stage.

Tourism and Events

There are a wide range of roles to fill in the tourism and events industries. This degree could take you all around the world, working for airlines, hotels and resorts, restaurants and more. Perhaps you’ll be an event coordinator at a festival, manage international tours, work in marketing for a luxury hotel, or develop policies with Tourism Western Australia.

No matter what you choose, you’ll become part of the next generation of educated thought leaders. 

I want to … combine my knowledge with another discipline 

One of the most wonderful things about humanities, arts and social sciences is how perfect your study can be complemented by other fields.  

Study a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Laws to be a go-to expert in media, humanities, politics, aid, community, or international law. Or study a Bachelor of Communication to be a force in new age media for this century, like the youth-focused The Daily Aus, or the news group Missing Perspectives that challenges the under-representation of women in news. Or combine a Terrorism and Counterterrorism major with a Bachelor of Criminology to be an intellectual crime-fighting superhero. 

Picture where a degree from Murdoch could take you  

Where exactly does someone in a HASS career work? Really, you can work just about anywhere, from a TV studio to academia to a refugee camp. This field is enormous so it’s difficult to generalise.  

Discover what studying at our school is really like.

Can I get a job? Future-proof your career 

Yes! In fact, Murdoch is the perfect place to study to maximise your employability. We are ranked #1 in WA for full-time employment in Humanities, Culture and Social Sciences. We are ranked in the top 15 universities in the country for social sciences, and we have been awarded a Five-star rating for full-time employment for Humanities, Culture and Social Sciences. 

Global issues like climate change, societal inequality and disruptive technology are problems that extend far beyond the lifespan of those currently in power. It’s essential to have the next generation ready to take a seat at the decision-making table, especially those who have a deep knowledge of culture, society, communities and international relations. 

Posted on:

19 Mar 2024

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