Quiz: Which science course should I study?

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If you love details and facts and possess an inquisitive streak, science could be perfect for you. Discover more about course options with our science career quiz.

Do you love science but struggle to decide what your dream degree is? You’re definitely not the only one. After all, how do you know what course – let alone what career – is the best one for you? If you have a passion for science, that’s a good starting point to work with.

From there, you can think about your interests. Maybe you’re drawn to forensic dramas like Dexter and Bones, or maybe you see the beauty in life at the cellular level? Or perhaps you have an urge to find solutions to complex environmental challenges, such as climate change. Studying science can take you down all of these paths, and more.

There are no limits to science. It’s our past, present, and future, and has an impact on every aspect of life. Discover your career options with our quiz and get ready to join your tribe.

If you want more information on courses, check out our study areas to help you find the path that's right for you.
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27 May 2024



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