What job can I get with a degree in Allied Health?

Allied health professional supporting a client lifting weights.

Can you picture yourself in a science-based career, helping people live their best life? A degree from the School of Allied Health will get you there.

It’s just your average Monday.

You spring into the room, energised for work. A new client has come to see you, ready and waiting for your expert opinion. It’s time to listen carefully before the investigation and treatment plan begins.

Or will you be standing beside the football field, prescribing exercise to the athletes in front of you? Or maybe you’ll be chatting away to a client as you treat a muscle that’s been bothering them for years.

No matter what career path you choose, allied health is meaningful and fulfilling. Are you ready? Welcome to your very first step, Murdoch's School of Allied Health.

Would a career in allied health suit you?

It’s not easy picking a career – especially if you’re young and aren’t familiar with this industry. Take a moment to reflect on the moments that make you feel alive and skills you show aptitude for. See if you identify with any of the below.

Do you:

  • Have genuine interest in helping others?
  • Appreciate just how important physical and mental wellbeing is?
  • Enjoy science-based subjects?
  • Want to get to the bottom of a problem?
  • Practice active listening?
  • Have a non-judgemental nature?
  • Approach problems logically and methodically?
  • Prefer a career where you get to move around and/or talk to people?
  • Feel confident making decisions?

Think you have the qualities that make a great allied health practitioner? Explore our individual courses and facilities, and get to know our expert staff.

What kind of career can you have in allied health?

Allied health practitioners prevent, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions. In what way you do that depends on the speciality. Let’s take a look at some popular careers.

Exercise Physiologist

This is far more nuanced than helping someone improve at a sport (although that absolutely is an option!). Exercise physiologists help people from all corners of the community with a range of injuries, chronic diseases, pain and disabilities to get them functioning as best as they can in their day-to-day life. You might prescribe exercise programs, health education, rehabilitation, or behaviour change strategies.


In this role, you’ll diagnose and manage pain and disability. As a chiropractor, you’ll be able to recognise the signs and symptoms of various disorders involving the spine, musculoskeletal system, and related pain syndromes. Although this career is commonly associated with back pain, you also help people with migraines, posture, mobility, and arthritis.

Art Therapist

You know how you feel motivated after listening to music, calm while colouring in, or time just slips by whilst concentrating on a painting? That’s a little taste of creative art therapy in action! By integrating art with therapeutic techniques, these therapists are able to guide clients in a personalised way. Learn more about creative arts therapy at Murdoch.


Are you passionate about mental health and wellbeing? A career in counselling will allow you to make a real difference in people’s lives when they need it most. Plus, this is a growing field with demand for mental health professionals growing every year. You could work with children, couples, singles or families for a variety of government or non-government organisations!

Healing the mind and body.

Meet a nursing grad who went on to study a postgraduate degree in counselling.

If you want to work … with a professional sporting team

Allied Health is precisely where you need to be. Become an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with Western Australia’s only integrated 4-year Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science / Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology. You can also take advantage of our world-class labs and facilities and apply for internships with iconic WA sporting teams.

Get to know more about our school and the opportunities we can provide. 

Picture where a degree from Murdoch could take you

Hospitals, private clinics, labs, fitness centres, sporting clubs, and the great outdoors. If you want a professional job, plenty of inquiry-based work, deeply rooted in science, with real people needing your help and expertise, and in a growing field with plenty of jobs? We’re happy to inform you that allied health ticks all those boxes.

We offer the only Creative Arts Therapies university course in Western Australia.

Can I get a job? Future-proof your career

Feel secure knowing you’ve had a great head start with our strong industry prospects, Fiona Stanley Hospital is just across the road, where students have the opportunity to connect and network with those in their chosen field.

We’re the type of school where you’ll have hands-on learning well before graduation. You’ll be career-ready thanks to our fully-functioning chiropractic, exercise physiology, counselling, and creative arts therapy clinics, and sports science facility.

So, the question is – what are you waiting for?

Posted on:

17 Apr 2024

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