Quiz: What should I study at university?

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Not sure what to study? Don't panic, we've put together a quick quiz to help you figure it out

Deciding what to study at university is an exciting process - but it can also be hard! From arts and humanities, to the sciences, to business, there are so many potential areas to explore.

Can you see yourself in a lab coat, mixing chemicals? You might find yourself at home in a Medical, Molecular and Forensic Sciences course. Do you spend your weekends checking out the latest game release? Information Technology could be the study area for you. Having trouble narrowing down your many passions and skills to just one area? Don't worry, there are many options for personalising your course, including double majors and combined degrees.

Murdoch Uni has many fascinating and versatile courses that will provide you with the foundational skills and experience required for a range of careers. We've put together a quick quiz to help you figure out which study area might be your perfect fit! 

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21 May 2024

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