Pets can get sunburnt too you know

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It’s official, summer is only days away and, true to form, Perth is turning up the heat.

While we all know how to protect ourselves from the blazing WA sunshine, do you know how to keep your pet safe as the mercury rises?

Murdoch University’s Animal Hospital Specialist in Emergency and Critical Care, Dr Claire Sharp, says pets can suffer in many different ways as the weather heats, yet it’s easy to keep them safe and comfortable.

Here are her top 5 tips for keeping your furry friends cool this summer 

  • Out of the sun – don’t exercise your pets in the heat of the day. Take them out early in the morning or at dusk when there is likely to be a cooling breeze.
  • Hot feet – although animals have thick paw pads, their feet are susceptible to damage from the hot ground. As a rule, if you can’t keep your hand on the hot ground for more than five seconds, then your pet shouldn’t be walking on it.
  • Drink water – make sure your pet has access to bowls of water. On hot days, have bowls of water inside and outside the house.
  • Use the shade – your pet needs access to plenty of shade. On hot days it is ideal to keep your pet inside. When outside, make sure your pet has lots of shade to get away from the heat of the day.
  • No cars – avoid confining your pet in places where they can’t get away from the heat, especially cars. Never put your pet in a car on a hot day.
Dr Claire explained her tips for Murdoch University’s YouTube channel.

So there you have it, 5 tips to ensure you can safely enjoy those lazy, hazy days of summer with your fur babies. 

With Christmas fast approaching, Murdoch University’s Dr Katrin Swindells has some tips to protect your pooch during the festive season.  
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18 Nov 2019

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