How to get ready for uni next year

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Know where you’re going to uni next year and want to get a head start on preparing? There are things you can do this year which will make your transition smoother.

In the past, high school students would receive uni offers only a couple of months before they start classes, but due to changes to university admissions in 2020, it is now very common for students to apply for, and receive offers, more than six months before they start their course.

It’s a relief to know your place at uni is secure for next year, and having it locked in early can make things even more exciting. You’re probably itching to get to know your uni, classmates and teachers already – and they’ll be excited to meet you, too!

I’ve got an early offer. Now what?

If you’ve got your early offer and accepted it, congratulations! The hardest part of your uni admissions process is over and you can rest easy for the rest of the year.

If you’re buzzing to start planning and preparing now, why not start researching some things you’ll need to know for next year including:

Fees and Scholarships

We understand that a Murdoch undergraduate degree is a significant investment in your future, so it’s important to consider the financial aspects involved with studying at university.

Whether you’re a domestic or international student, we encourage you to explore any opportunities and take a look at all scholarships available to you.

Remember, unlike loans, scholarships do not need to be repaid so you can spend more time focusing on your studies. Applying for a scholarship can help ensure you have a smooth transition to uni life by helping you to manage your finances.

Find your scholarship today.

We are open every day

Can’t wait to experience life on campus? Then why not join us for our Open Every Day Campus Tours!

At Murdoch you’ll find a community filled with people from all walks of life. We are all about helping you transition from high school to university to help you forge your own path to achieve your goals – that’s why we have created Open Every Day.

Held weekly, our campus tours will give you the opportunity to see our campus, meet current students and see what uni life is like at Murdoch.

These tours are open to everyone, and they’re the perfect opportunity for Year 12s and their families to get a taste for where they’ll be studying next year.

Read more about what to expect on your first day of uni, or get in touch with our Student Services team for more information and assistance.

If you're an international student, explore our support services online.
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12 Nov 2020

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