Welcome to the School of Engineering and Energy

The School of Engineering and Energy is a gateway to many possibilities: an advanced degree, an entrepreneurial career, or an unlimited range of technical professions. It is a multidisciplinary school with a dedicated group of researchers, educators, and specialists working to solve complex engineering and energy problems. We are one of the best choices by the student because we challenge conventional thinking and value creativity and imagination. And because our students and faculty are driven by social commitment and want to change the world. We teach a range of modern and industry-relevant courses to produce industry-ready graduates who excel in the modern world.

Our courses are designed with industry to equip with skills that ensure  the best possible experience and employment outcomes. We offer courses in specialised areas of Engineering including Environmental Engineering, Industrial Control and Autonomous Systems Engineering and, Electrical and Renewable Energy Engineering.

We also proudly host the longest-running tertiary education program on energy (the Master of Renewable and Sustainable Energy) in Australia: Established in 1992 with over 750 degrees awarded to students from 80 countries.

Our academics are recognised as world leaders across energy policy, sustainable development systems. renewable energy technologies, materials for renewable energy (including battery storage), and industrial control and automation.

Our state-of-the-art facilities gives our researchers and students access to the latest technological developments and modern industrial practices needed for a first-class academic experience.