Engaging with the community

Our graduates

Our engineering and energy graduates are equipped with the skills and knowledge to pursue a variety of careers. These include working in engineering roles in many of the well known companies in Western Australia. Our alumni also work on developing renewable energy solutions, circular economy strategies and resource recovery programs.

Engaging with partners

The School of Engineering and Energy is a hub of innovation, where academic excellence meets practical application. The School has strong relationships with partners spanning across multiple sectors, including industry, government, and non-profit organizations. Through these, the school is able to link research and learning experiences with industry relevant projects.

These relationships facilitate the development of new knowledge and technologies to address a range of global challenges and provide opportunities for graduates to gain practical experience and develop an understanding of the underlying principles and processes of engineering, sustainability and energy policy.
Through research collaborations, students are have the opportunity to work alongside leading experts in the field and are exposed to the latest technologies and methodologies used in industry. This experience provides invaluable insights into the challenges faced by industry professionals, equipping graduates with the necessary skills to tackle real-world problems with confidence.
Overall, the School of Engineering & Energy works with industry partners to promote research, teaching, and innovation for a sustainable future.