Food Futures Institute

Sustainable food, forestry and fibre production

The Food Futures Institute is working to improve the accessibility and availability of sufficient, safe, sustainably-produced and nutritious food.

Research that secures the future: Food

Food security is the challenge of our generation.

The Food Futures Institute works to provide solutions on the sustainable use of limited land and water resources to economically and ethically improve food, forestry and fibre production.

Our successes range from MSA certification of beef and lamb quality, double cropping, reduced tillage practices and improved use of saline land and water, to creating better Wagyu marbled beef and better malting barley for beer.

Our Centres


Centre for Crop and Food Innovation

Working to keep Australian farmers competitive in the world marketplace.


Centre for Animal Production and Health

Working across the value chain to support the production of meat, milk and fibres for human consumption and use.


Centre for Sustainable Farming Systems

Working to increase farm productivity without further degrading water, land and soils.

70 per cent more food will be needed to feed the world’s 9.5 billion people by 2050

We work to improve quality and yield through ecologically sound, economically viable, humane and ethical approaches. Our strengths in production are supported by Murdoch’s recognised excellence in biotechnology, and the only College of Veterinary Medicine in Western Australia.

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Excellence in research: Our people

Professor Peter Davies

Pro Vice Chancellor, Food Futures Institute

The Food Futures Institute is led by Professor Peter Davies, a renowned freshwater scientist with extensive experience in the management and rehabilitation of water ways.

Professor Davies has published widely in this area, including highly-cited papers in Nature, and developed partnerships and high-performance multidisciplinary research teams to address pressing global challenges in food, water and energy.

Professor Davies was the Program Director for Responding to Climate Change in the Worldwide Universities Network and has a strong commitment to research translation, research impact, better industry engagement and training the next generation of researchers.


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Help the Food Futures Institute secure and sustain the food bowls of the future

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