Volunteering by university students can take place on University campus or outside in the community. Students may volunteer in student run organisations, such as sporting clubs or other interest groups; university program, some of which might be for credit in courses or units, or other university sponsored activities; volunteer involving organisations which have particular student volunteer programs; or community agencies which include students as volunteers in their general volunteering activities

Student volunteering is a dynamic experience with students having many options for their volunteering experiences. Some students volunteer because it is a part of their course and they may get academic credit for this work, or have it appear on their transcript. Others volunteer to enhance their student life at university. Others volunteer independently of their student life and organise their own volunteering activity. Motivation to volunteer ranges from altruistic, to help others to social, because they want to expand their social networks; or to assist their employability, by gaining work related skills and experience.

The Good Practice Guide for Students provides information about how to find out about volunteering opportunities, suggests things to think about before volunteering, offers some information about host organisations and identifies some of the more common challenges and what might be done to overcome them.

Further information can be found in the Good Practice Guide for Students.

Good Practice Guide for Students

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