What to do with your uni offer once you receive it

Congratulations! You’ve put in the hard work and made it through an exhausting number of exams, finished Year 12 and now are waiting to see if you’ve been offered a place at uni. What’s next?

Receiving an offer is an exciting time but do you know what to do once you’ve received it?

Accepting your offer

If you’re happy with your offer and ready to start, be sure to lock your place in by accepting. All offers have a deadline, so make sure that you accept your offer in time.

Expecting an ATAR of 80 or more? If Murdoch’s your first preference, you could be rewarded with a Murdoch First Scholarship worth up to $3,000 to kick-start your uni journey.

It’s common to want a bit more time between school and starting uni. At Murdoch, we allow our students to defer their offer from one to four semesters (six months to two years). If you decide to defer your offer, your place will be held without any major commitment or costs. There are some courses and scholarships which you can’t defer, and all universities have different policies on deferrals, so if you’re unsure it is best to check with your preferred uni before attempting to defer.

Didn’t get the offer that you wanted?

Sometimes the course that you are interested in has limited places. If you met the entry requirements for a course but didn’t receive an offer, there might still be a way to get into your course. Contact us to get advice.

If you didn’t get the ATAR score you were hoping for or have changed your mind about the course you want to do, don’t worry. Once you’ve received your first offer, don’t accept, defer or reject it, simply swap around your preferences, putting the new course you’re interested in as your first preference and wait for the next round of offers.

Still unsure about what you want to study? Read more.

Didn’t receive an offer?

If you didn’t get an offer at all, call us and we can help you find another way to start your uni journey. There are still ways to gain admission into university. OnTrack Flex and OnTrack Sprint are Murdoch's free enabling courses which allow you to apply directly to Murdoch for admission into any course that has a minimum Selection Rank of 70.

Don’t miss out on accepting your uni offer by being late, make sure you keep track of the key dates for TISC offers.

We’re here to help get your future started, so if you have any questions, give us a call on 1300 687 3624 or check out our TISC advice page.

Posted on:

10 Dec 2019

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