What is cyber security?

Learn more about cyber crime and how you can play an integral part in securing our digital future.

What is cyber security?

Cyber security experts work in companies and industries of all sizes to protect organisations from data breaches and cyber-attacks. As these attacks continue to evolve, expertise in this field is widely sought after.

Why study cyber security at Murdoch

With a degree in cyber security and forensics, you’ll learn a range of skills required for an increasingly connected world, which lets you develop an understanding to identify threats and security of information. You’ll also gain invaluable insight into the main issues that may arise when developing software, allowing you to identify threats and analyse the evidence to solve security vulnerabilities and prevent cyber crime to defeat hackers.

Gaining practical experience is a great way of standing out in a crowd when looking for employment.  Through our Work Integrated Learning program, we provide opportunities to gain experience working in a team to consult with real clients to mimic real life scenarios to recommend, develop and implement strategies and new technologies to help solve cyber security issues.

One of the most exciting things about cyber security is that there are several paths you can choose within cyber security, offering career options such as an ethical hacker, network and security specialist or a cyber forensic investigator. With the demand for security professionals skyrocketing and showing no sign of slowing down, the future is bright if you are seeking a career in this field. 


If you’re ready to start your career in cyber security or want to learn more, check out our course in Cyber Security and Forensics.
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28 Aug 2019



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