Tech students launch careers with digital calculator

Ever wondered what it’s like to study a degree in IT or technology?

For two recent Murdoch IT graduates, Chad and Nathan, the highlight of their degree was gaining real-world experience when they built a tuition fee calculator for the Murdoch website.

The aim of creating the digital calculator was to allow future students to calculate how much different degrees will cost to study.

As part of the project, Chad and Nathan had to work as a group to manage the entire process, from conducting focus groups to understanding what type of information students wanted in the calculator, through to designing the user experience before building and testing the prototype. 

“We had to come together as a team and use the skills we’ve come across in our degree to see what it’s like to actually work in the real world,” Nathan said.

Flexibility, facilities and lecturers stand out

The flexibility of the courses, calibre of the facilities, and relationships with lecturers made studying at Murdoch memorable for Chad and Nathan.

“I’d say what makes Murdoch unique is having the flexibility in how a student wants to study here,” Nathan said. “So basically, you can cater how you want to study to your own needs,”.

For Chad, he said it was the great relationships he’d formed with teachers

“It really is the facilities and the lecturers…You form a good relationship with them and it really works out.”

Making the leap: from studying to a career

Since building the prototype fee calculator and graduating, Chad and Nathan have been employed by Murdoch to build the tool on a commercial scale and implement it on the Uni’s website in late 2020.

IT and technology professionals are now required in a wide range of sectors, according to Murdoch IT Lecturer Danny Toohey.

“Every organisation has some requirement for IT. So, we have people that are going into professional services firms. We have people that are going into engineering firms,” he said. “(There is) just a huge range of opportunities.”

From artificial intelligence through to coding, programming, software design and information management, there is a wide range of areas for you to grow your career when you study a degree in IT or Technology.

Discover your future in IT and technology.
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15 Jan 2020


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