Pursuing a degree you can be proud of

When you’re at the beginning of your university journey, it can be hard to imagine how you might feel by the time you graduate.

When it comes to things like grades you’ll get, the opportunities you’ll access, or the job you might land at the end – the possibilities are almost endless.

What you experience might be even more amazing than you ever imagined, but it can be hard to picture clearly when so much of it will be based on your unique choices and personal tastes (which - if we’re honest - are likely to change over the years of your university degree).

So what can you aim for when you’re looking to start a university degree?


When you pursue a degree with the goal of making yourself proud, and not just conforming to what everyone else is thinking or doing, the result is one of the most fulfilling feelings you can imagine.

And don’t just take our word for it. We spoke to some of our 2018 graduates about what their experience was like from start to finish – and how they feel having come out the other side. 

Hear their stories and start dreaming about what you might accomplish if you put your mind to it. To learn more about what you might achieve at Murdoch, come along to an event on campus.

Posted on:

13 Mar 2019

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