My Murdoch Journey

Not all pathways to university are the same.

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My Murdoch Journey

As the first university in Australia to introduce a flexible admissions system that looks beyond academic results, we have remained committed to making education accessible for all. We offer a range of pathways and support services to help all types of students start their university journey, especially those who are starting university as a mature age student. Hear from students who have taken unconventional paths to university, explore what it means to be a mature aged student, and learn how Murdoch University is providing everyone with an opportunity to pursue their studies at Murdoch.  
Chanelle van den Berg Pro Vice Chancellor First Nations
Latest Issue 14 Sep 2023

I discovered my passion for education as a mature age student

Becoming a leader in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander higher education. This is my Murdoch journey: meet Chanelle, mature age alumnus and current Pro Vice Chancellor First Nations.

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