Creating Healthy Futures

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Creating Healthy Futures

New treatments require new thinking. That's why at Murdoch we offer evidence-based healthcare degrees, encouraging our students to re-think the way our society approaches global health challenges. You'll combine the power of science and creativity to learn new ways of improving patients' lives every day, both in and out of clinical environments.

It's this open-minded attitude that's led our free-thinkers to develop programs that improve the mental health of new parents in indigenous communities, discover how exercise impacts Alzheimer's patients and find the link between ticks and the mysterious Lyme disease.

Whether a health degree at Murdoch is the start of your career, or a step forward in your current career, you'll learn the skills to turn your thoughts into actions.

Lab Assistant looking through a microscope
Latest Issue 15 Jan 2021

What’s it like to work in laboratory medicine?

With the health sector growing rapidly there are many paths you can take to start your health career. But have you ever thought about exploring the world of laboratory medicine?

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