Why switch to Murdoch Uni: three student stories

Three students who switched to Murdoch share their stories

Thinking of switching unis? We chatted to three students to learn why they decided to transfer to Murdoch University.

What if your university experience doesn’t feel right? The campus might not be your vibe, you might not be getting the support you need, or you might want to study something that isn’t offered at your current uni – whatever it is, if your university experience isn’t matching up with your expectations, the good news is, you can always switch.  

Switch universities, switch courses – there are heaps of options out there and it is normally an easy, straightforward process. 

Afterall, your university experience is about so much more than just books and study, it is about the support you get throughout your journey, the social experience, career advice and the connections you make along the way.  


After studying at a few different places, Murdoch was recommended to Sudaba, so she decided to transfer to continue her studies here.  

And she is so glad she made the switch to study Psychology at Murdoch. She believes the university is set apart from the others because of the great student to teacher experience.  

Murdoch University has a 5-star rating for teacher to student ratio*.

“I did a bridging course and got accepted into university, I completed a semester at another university and then switched to TAFE, then to Murdoch University.

“There is such a great teacher to student experience and the academics want you to be successful throughout your degree,” she said.

So far, Sudaba has found Murdoch to be a supportive space that has provided her with plenty of opportunities and a chance to build her network and connections.  


Passionate about health and fitness, Connor decided to switch to Murdoch for the study options, sense of community and connection.  

“I chose to switch to Murdoch as the uni gave me lots of options in study. I also sensed a greater community feel at Murdoch, specifically the Thursday Markets,” Connor said. 

Studying Sport and Exercise Science, Connor has enjoyed the facilities on campus, including the labs, the gym, as well as the specialised sports lab and exercise testing facilities 

“If I can help even just one person seeking to improve their quality of life by exercise, that’s a win.” 

Connor thinks Murdoch is set apart from other universities because it is so welcoming and inclusive, he was surprised by how many different clubs and associations that are available for students. 


Manpreet wanted to study in a way that worked for her. So, she switched to Murdoch to study in a trimester format.  

An international student, Manpreet has found the lecturers at Murdoch to be supportive and helpful, and the support services allowed her to get the most out of her studies.  

“I like when the academic support team members would come to class and talk about upcoming assignments. They try to make international students experience better,” Manpreet said.  

After initially studying Nursing in India, Manpreet decided to study a Master of Health Administration, Policy and Leadership at Murdoch.  

“Making policies that can impact the world and help you to live better is what I like about this course.”  

How to transfer to Murdoch University

Transferring to Murdoch is easy! You just have to choose your course and complete your application online. From there, our team will be in touch if you’re eligible for credit you’ve earned at another institution. 

If you have any questions along the way, please get in touch with us – we’re here to help! 

*Good University Guide, 2024

Sudaba, Connor and Manpreet switched to Murdoch. You can too
Posted on:

5 Feb 2024

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