Where can a Master of Community Development take you?

Murdoch Community Development Graduate, Thais

A Master of Community Development from Murdoch University is ideal for those wanting to make a difference through positive change to make their neighbourhood a better place.

This interesting and diverse degree has a range of career options across several industries, such as communities, resources, accessibility, health and wellbeing.

Murdoch Community Development graduate, Thais Carvalho Silva, has always shown immense consideration for those around her. Beginning her career in journalism in Rio de Janeiro, Thais aimed to educate those in unprivileged areas through journalism and volunteer work with the United Nations, assisting inside Brazil's notorious favelas.

Shifting from journalism to a Master of Community Development was the next step that came for Thais.

“I have always had a passion for helping others, motivating me to choose journalism. However, once in Australia, I had to forgo being a journalist and find another course that would help me fulfil my dream of helping improve people's lives,” said Thais Carvalho Silva.

“I fell in love with the course instantly and found my dream job in my dream country.”

Being encouraged to pursue university studies by her father, Thais looked to further her studies in Perth.

What kind of career can you get with a Master of Community Development?

After completing her postgraduate studies at Murdoch, Thais began working for Julyardi Aboriginal Corporation, a corporation that works to provide holistic support to Aboriginal families.

In her role as Manager of Partnership & Community, Thais oversees the Julu Kuma Ngarlijuru (Connected Beginnings) program. Based in Port Hedland, Connected Beginnings is a program that is jointly delivered by the Department of Health and Aged Care and the Department of Education. It aims to work alongside the Aboriginal Elders and community to improve education, health and develop outcomes for children.

“Getting this role at Julyardi Aboriginal Corporation has so far been a great achievement,” said Thais.

“It's rewarding to work with Hedland Aboriginal Strong Leaders in Kariyarra country. This group of 27 Cultural Elders representing 11 language groups are the Leaders of this community, and it's inspiring to see how much they love and value their mob and families.”

“It’s so fulfilling to be part of this work, particularly in focusing to give more opportunities to future generations.”

Gaining experience during your studies is a key in safeguarding your ability to gain amazing post-graduation experiences like Thais.

“I did my placement with the Federal Member for Burt.”

“The project was to review the benefits of a policy on full-service schools in three countries and their impact on disadvantaged and vulnerable children and their families.”

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Why study at Murdoch University?

Reflecting on her time at Murdoch University, Thais recommends Murdoch to others thanks to the support she received during her academic journey.

“Being an international student in a university setting can be very challenging in many different aspects. However, Murdoch made the pathway all the more bearable. My lecturers and tutors were patient, thoughtful and enthusiastic."

Ready to kick-start your dream career in community development like Thais? Explore what the Master of Community Development at Murdoch can offer you today.
Posted on:

30 May 2023

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