What's it like to study nursing?

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Thinking of a career that makes a positive impact in people’s lives? Look into a nursing degree at Murdoch University.

If you’re interested in a job where you can make a positive impact to people’s daily lives, then a career in nursing may be for you. 

A degree in nursing offers the prospect of turning your interest into a challenging and rewarding career – one that will see you bring comfort to those in need. At Murdoch you’ll have the opportunity to utilise real-time simulation, so you can break down tasks and learn at your own pace with the support of leading academics. 

What do nurses do?

Registered nurses don’t have a typical 9-5 job and every shift is different. Nurses are responsible for many day-to-day jobs including assessing appropriate patient care, administering treatments, working with a multidisciplinary teams, and providing information to patients and their families.

You’ll also be required to stay up-to-date with new tools and technology to help ensure your patients receive the best support and care. 

Head of Nursing at Murdoch University, Catherine Fetherston, says the role of a contemporary nurse is busy and challenging, but ultimately rewarding.

“You’ll be wearing many hats, but you’re responsible for an extremely valuable role – ensuring patients have the necessary support and care.” 

As a registered nurse you’re not only limited to working in hospital settings – you may decide to specialise in other areas.

“People don’t realise quite how diverse and multifaceted the roles of nurses and midwives are. Murdoch University offers students the opportunity to specialise in areas that they are passionate about.”

For international student Mehtab, studying nursing at Murdoch is all about enabling him to have a career that helps others.

“I always see nurses caring for patients by working so hard. They make such good relationships with patients to provide holistic care.

“Murdoch is helping me to develop the skills I need to save lives. I think the nursing course at Murdoch is excellent. It is a well-structured course that develops critical thinking within its students. The simulation labs provide a great opportunity for us to link theory to practise, and I have been exposed to practising and developing every type of clinical skill I will need in the healthcare industry.

“I want to work in the aged care industry and Murdoch has provided me with the opportunity to do practicals in aged care.”

Real-world experience

Murdoch students have access to state-of-the-art clinical simulation suites that allow them to translate text-book learning to realistic situations. 

The suites resemble an authentic hospital ward, where you will master your technical skills by practicing important techniques in a controlled and safe environment.

You’ll build your confidence and refine your expertise by working with patient simulators who will provide challenging scenario-based simulations such as heart attack, strokes and anaphylactic reactions. 

Your job will include looking for symptoms, diagnosing a patient’s health condition, preparing medication, and observing and monitoring the patient. You’ll use real equipment, undertake proper processes and wait as these lifelike simulators respond to treatment. 

Other complex tasks you’ll practise are communication with your unwell patient, hygiene regimens and prepping proper documentation. 

Prof. Fetherston says that additionally, the clinical simulations enable technicians and tutors to program the simulations to reflect a specialised medical environment.

“We’ve got the flexibility to modify simulations to reflect a clinical setting or a specialised medical environment such as an operating theatre or a general practice clinic, so students walk away with a broad array of experience.” 
This clinical placement runs across a range of hospitals and students can also apply for rural placements.

Learn from our leading experts

The Good Universities Guide 2022 ranked Murdoch University nursing courses five stars for student support, learning resources, overall experience, skills development and teaching quality.

Prof. Fetherston said students learn from leading academics from diverse nursing positions who will prepare them for the changing needs of healthcare in Australia, and across the world. 

“Our academic leaders are committed to ensuring that students walk away with a combination of knowledge, technical skills and confidence so they’re ready for day-to-day operations as a registered nurse." 

Students will also benefit from the combined knowledge of lecturers who have worked across the globe treating patients and administering health-care. 

“Many of our lecturers have worked as a frontline nurse in divisions including research, community, operating theatre, accident and emergency, army and midwifery nursing.

“They’ll teach you the fundamentals and techniques for patient health, future health of the contemporary industry, and the many specialities of nursing and the diversity of nursing roles.”
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30 Jul 2020

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