What job can I get with a degree in Engineering and Energy?

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Make the world a better place for both the current world and future generations. Discover your career options in engineering.

Engineering has had a monumental role in shaping our society. From the wheel to space craft, electric bulbs to the internet – we owe a lot to the ingenuity of past and present engineers. If you’re a problem-solver with an interest in innovation, engineering could be your calling.

Five-star rating for teaching quality and learning resources for Engineering and Technology.

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Would a career in engineering suit you?

See if you identify with any of the below. Do you:

  • Have excellent analytical capabilities?
  • Possess great attention to detail?
  • Have a strong desire to figure out how things work?
  • Have a curious streak?
  • Approach problems logically and methodically?
  • Feel more conscientious compared to peers?
  • Want a high degree of autonomy in a job?

If you feel like the above describes you, engineering could be a great career option. Learn about studying with Murdoch’s School of Engineering and Energy.

The eco-innovations creating new industries.

What kind of career can you have in engineering and energy?

There are dozens of engineering specialities, from sustainability to process control. Let’s take a look at some popular career paths available with our Bachelor of Engineering Technology:

Electrical engineer

Conceptualise, design and maintain complex systems. You might work with electrical systems in industrial plants, cars, navigation, control systems, and tech like robotics and drones. Perhaps you’ll work designing smart-grids or microgrids in remote communities.

Environmental engineer

This rapidly-growing speciality can take you down a few different paths. You might focus on waste management, water quality, air pollution, or preserving natural environments. Because this is an evolving field, your dream job may not even exist yet.

Renewable energy engineer

You might advise and provide guidance on building remote area power supplies, or conceptualise and develop wind, geothermal, solar, or hydropower systems.

Take a look at our school’s unique facilities that will propel your career forward. 

Engineering jobs of the future are in the environment. Meet Professor Parisa Bahri.

Picture where a degree from Murdoch could take you

Engineering work can take place in an office environment, out in the field, or a combination of both. How each engineer’s daily environment looks is often dependent on the specialty. Becoming an engineer isn’t the only option, with many graduates taking the skills learned in their degree and using them in related industries. The skills learned in an engineering course, such as problem solving, numeracy, analysis and technical skills are all desirable strengths for a variety of other jobs. Engineering graduates have been known to take roles in industries like management consulting, banking and finance, data science technology sales, and more.

Can I get a job? Future-proof your career

We are the number one university in WA for medium graduate income for Engineering and Technology. With hundreds of hours of real-world experience integrated into all our undergraduate engineering degrees, you’ll develop practical skills and get invaluable exposure to the industry. We’re also highly-regarded in the field of renewable and sustainable engineering.

We’ve been a pioneering university in so many ways, and we’re not slowing down. Join us on this shared journey in innovation. Ngala Kwop Biddi.

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13 Mar 2024

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