New sculpture brings a moment of pause for Murdoch community

Aliesha Aden, Mark Stewart, Ross Hughes, Stephen Armstrong

Talented artist Aliesha Aden (Mafrici) and Pacific Automation CEO Stephen Armstrong have gifted outdoor sculpture Stasis III to Murdoch University as a generous gesture to wellbeing, positivity, and mindfulness.

The sculpture, that was previously featured as part of Australia’s well-loved art exhibition Sculpture by the Sea in Cottesloe (in 2016) and Bondi (in 2017), is now prominently displayed beside Murdoch’s new learning and teaching building Boola Katitjin.

Stasis III serves to provide the viewer with a space and a moment to reflect on the uncertainties and anxieties in their lives.


Stasis III sculpture by Aliesha Aden next to Boola Katitjin at Murdoch University

Mrs Aden said that the work shows a conversation between two sculptural works, with each consisting of four elements.

“These elements or ‘pillars’ are constructed of aluminium and appear in two states – one structure falling inward, the other opening outwards.

These two pieces act as opposing forces that create equilibrium or ‘Stasis’. It is a moment in time where amongst the chaos of our lives, we are allowed a moment to observe the beauty in the unknown.”Aliesha Aden, Statis III creator

“The four ‘pillars’ reference the architecture in which we build our lives upon – love, family, trust, faith and so on. The pillars act as a metaphor for our inability to control existence but provide us comfort in being able to step back, observe the beauty and trust in balance,” she said.

Stasis III sculpture by Aliesha Aden next to Boola Katitjin at Murdoch University

Mark Stewart, Murdoch University Art Collection’s Curator, said it was an incredibly generous gesture from the artist and Pacific Automation to offer this donation to the University’s Art Collection.

“It’s not common to have remarkable sculptures like this donated, so it is an absolute privilege and honour to find a fitting home for Stasis III on our campus.

“It’s a striking artwork and its display location in the gardens adjacent to Boola Katitjin is so fitting.

One of the overarching narratives of the Boola Katitjin’s artwork commissions is fostering of student wellbeing, mindfulness and meditation. This narrative is perfectly echoed in Stasis III and the sculpture also elegantly reflects the unique timber architectural features of the building."Mark Stewart, Murdoch University Art Collection Curator

Following its display at Sculptures by the Sea, Stasis III was put safely away into storage until the CEO of her workplace Stephen Armstrong learnt about Mrs Aden’s previous work as a sculptor and, with a keen interest in art, made a commitment to help Aliesha find a permanent home for the installation.

Stephen Armstrong, CEO of Pacific Automation, and Stasis III creator Aliesha Aden

“Essentially stasis means to stop or stand, take pause. As a strong advocate for mental health awareness, I believed that this work should be permanently displayed to provide others the opportunity to reflect on their own wellbeing and understand the importance of balance in their lives, staying close to their families, friends, faith (if they believe), and their future through education.”

“I know from my own personal journey the importance of balance, equilibrium, between the pillars in our lives.

Stasis III demonstrated to me the disfunction that comes about by letting individual pillars dominate and pull us in diverging directions, on one end of the sculpture, and the strength we gain when these pillars are converging and supporting each other."Stephen Armstrong, CEO Pacific Automation

Mr Armstrong said he hopes that Murdoch University’s community and visitors to campus can take pause and reflect on their lives when they view the sculpture.

“Boola Katitjin, as a place of learning, appears to be a quite appropriate home for Stasis III, especially when considering that learning is also about ourselves, our people and the importance of mindfulness and meditation.”

Aliesha Aden, sculptor of Stasis III cutting the ribbon after her sculpture found its permanent home next to Murdoch University's Boola Katitjin.

Mrs Aden said that she is excited to see the sculpture find a home that can speak to a wide range of people.

I hope it finds a moment in passers-by, even if they don’t know what they are looking at, at least they had a moment to themselves which is something we do not make enough time for."Aliesha Aden, Statis III creator

“I would like to thank the Murdoch community for letting me be part of something so special. It is an honour to exist in your space and I look forward to sharing it with you in whatever way you choose to absorb it.”

Photo caption: Stasis III finds its permanent home next to Murdoch University's Boola Katitjin. From left to right: Murdoch University Art Collection Curator Mark Stewart, CEO of Pacific Automation Stephen Armstrong, Sculptor and Artist Aliesha Aden, and Murdoch University Senate Member Ross Hughes.

Posted on:

4 May 2023

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