New centre navigating Indo-Pacific’s choppy waters

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Murdoch University has launched a new research centre of excellence to support engagement with the Indo-Pacific on issues of critical importance to the region, including security, governance, climate change, justice and environmental challenges.

The Indo-Pacific Research Centre (IPRC), led by Professor Jacqueline Lo, represents the spirit of collaboration and exchange that underpins Murdoch University’s international agenda and commitment to research excellence and impact. 

“The Indo-Pacific region encompasses some 4.3 billion people, representing two-thirds of the world’s economy. This concentration of economic and political power makes the stability, security and prosperity of the Indo-Pacific vital to all our futures,” Professor Lo said.

As Australia’s gateway to the Indo-Pacific, Western Australia is uniquely placed to work in collaboration within the region to promote long-term peace and prosperity.

“Our location on the west coast also enables the IPRC to provide distinctive insights into the changes and challenges in the Indian Ocean rim. For example, we are already undertaking innovative research in India, Bhutan and East Africa.”

Speakers at the launch included the WA Minister for Science Stephen Dawson MLC, Murdoch University’s Vice Chancellor Professor Andrew Deeks and Indonesia’s Ambassador to Australia, His Excellency Dr Siswo Pramono. 

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Professor Deeks said the IPRC’s vision is to be the leading centre for research expertise in the region, responding to key challenges of the 21st century arising from transformations in the Indo-Pacific. 

“The launch of the IPRC represents a new chapter in Murdoch University’s long and proud history of engagement in the region,” he said.

“We have made significant contributions through our research, and we have also educated many thousands of students through Murdoch Singapore – the largest Australian university campus in Singapore – and Murdoch Dubai.”

Professor Lo said governments and other agencies from all over the world were seeking credible, research-based insights to improve their understanding of the Indo-Pacific. Just some of the agencies seeking out the expertise of the IPRC include the European Union, United States Agency for International Development, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, and the United Nations. 

Last week, for example, the IPRC hosted a roundtable discussion with the United Kingdom’s Minister of State for the Indo-Pacific, Anne-Marie Trevelyan, on current and emerging challenges in the Indo-Pacific region related to security, governance and sustainability. 

Learn more about how Murdoch University's Indo-Pacific Research Centre contributes towards just futures in the Indo-Pacific.  
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14 Dec 2023

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