Murdoch’s microcredential for macro impact

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The world is on a tight schedule to reach net zero emissions to mitigate the effects of climate change, but getting there will require professionals from a wide range of disciplines with the knowledge and skills to ensure the target is met.

In 2024 Murdoch University will offer a 14-week accredited intensive microcredential in Strategic Decarbonisation Management to help address the critical shortage of suitably skilled workers in almost all industries and economic sectors.

A pioneer in multidisciplinary energy and sustainable engineering education and research, the University was selected to deliver the course as part of the Federal Government’s Microcredentials Pilot in Higher Education program.

Experts from the School of Engineering and Energy, in conjunction with industry, have carefully designed the syllabus which covers international protocols and frameworks, greenhouse gas emissions calculations and how to develop, implement and effectively communicate a corporate carbon reduction or neutral strategy.

“This microcredential will equip students with a comprehensive set of competencies and tools relevant to careers in the rapidly expanding decarbonisation and energy transition industries,” Professor in Energy Studies Christopher Lund said.

“It will deliver a set of specific, relevant skills outcomes aimed at providing those in existing roles, and seeking new roles, with the skills that enable them to design, manage and implement effective decarbonisation strategies.

“The program will help to foster a highly skilled and knowledgeable workforce for the steep decarbonisation pathway and energy transition already underway.”

Dean of the School of Engineering and Energy David Parlevliet said the course was based on Murdoch’s internationally recognised postgraduate Energy Studies programs which are this year celebrating their 25th anniversary.

“For years we have delivered innovative leading-edge degrees, such as our Masters in Renewable and Sustainable Energy, that are practical and industry-focussed,” he said.

“The Strategic Decarbonisation Management microcredential aligns with major occupation groups such as professionals, technicians, and managers from a range of disciplines, including engineering, business, science, and technology.

“It will be taught in both face-to-face and online modes by highly proficient experts who have extensive practical experience working with industry and government on the development and implementation of decarbonisation strategies.

“We very much look forward to welcoming students into this new and innovative course in 2024.”

Apply now for this 14 week short course in Strategic Decarbonisation Management.
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13 Jun 2023

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