Murdoch grads win in job market

A Murdoch  University nursing student stands in the simulated ward

In Australia’s largest annual survey of higher education graduates in the workforce, we’ve come out swinging.

In great news for all current and future students, Murdoch University has been ranked the number one university in the country for overall undergraduate employment after three years.

The 2018 Graduate Outcomes Survey measures the medium-term outcomes of higher education graduates. 39 universities and nearly 40,000 respondents across Australia participated in the 2018 survey, making it Australia’s largest annual survey of higher education graduates in the workforce.

The results showed a whopping 96.7% of Murdoch undergraduates secured employment after three years. Of the other Western Australian universities in this category, Curtin University achieved 92.9%, and Edith Cowan University achieved 89.9% and the University of Western Australia achieved 89%.

Workplace learning a priority in undergraduate courses

To many current and former students, the outstanding results are no surprise, as Work Integrated Learning has been a growing focus of almost all undergraduate degrees offered at Murdoch. Through Work Integrated Learning, students use real workplace experience to strengthen their studies, either through industry projects, work placements or work simulations.

Our goal is to set students up for success in the modern and evolving workplace, through a considered mix of practical learning, critical thinking and teaching valuable skills. In the words of Vice Chancellor, Eeva Leinonen,

“Through our innovative curriculum, advanced learning and teaching as well as impactful research, our graduates become the critical thinkers fully prepared for their future careers.”

Get a head start in your dream career

For future students, getting a head start in their chosen career path is a significant influence in their university choice. For the chance to join the 96% of employed Murdoch graduates, browse our courses today.

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7 Nov 2018

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