Meet Murdoch Business School EY prize winner Jennifer Weigandt

Left to right: Dr Kenneth Yay, Sheryl Goh, Jennifer Weigandt, Antonia Girardi

Jennifer Weigandt, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) student, discovered a multitude of opportunities through her pursuit of an MBA at Murdoch University.

An MBA is an esteemed degree that equips students with the necessary business and management skills to thrive in today's ever-changing business landscape. We chatted with Jennifer Weigandt who shared her personal insights into studying an MBA, receiving a prestigious award from EY (part of Ernst & Young Global Limited) and her enriching internship experience at Murdoch.

In 2022, Jennifer embarked on her academic journey at Murdoch as an international student, having relocated from Germany to pursue a postgraduate business degree. Her decision to study in Perth was driven by her admiration for the city's exquisite lifestyle, and Murdoch University proved to be the perfect match for her aspirations.

"I was always drawn to Perth due to its beautiful lifestyle, and Murdoch University just seemed like the ideal fit for me," she said.

One aspect that particularly attracted Jennifer to Murdoch was their hands-on MBA program, which boasted strong connections with industry and offered the flexibility for her to simultaneously study and work.

“I really appreciated the practical nature of the degree, which allowed me to gain valuable real-world experience alongside studying.”

Winning the prize for the best submission from EY

As part of her studies, Jennifer recently received a highly esteemed accolade sponsored by EY, recognising her outstanding achievement in submitting the best Customer Journey Map.

Using the Murdoch Business School’s MBA program, Jennifer conducted a thorough analysis on the touchpoints through a customers lifecycle and the role that digital marketing plays in converting people to apply or buy.

“This real-life case study involved analysing the online marketing presence of the MBA program at Murdoch Business School, allowing me to apply the theory I learned into practical implementation.“

Murdoch Business School is committed to building on its current partnerships, like the one with EY to ensure that students gain exposure to real-world learning scenarios and build their networks so when the time comes, they are ready to enter the workforce with the skills needed to succeed. 

EY representative, Sheryl Goh says the relationship between EY and Murdoch University is incredibly important, as it ensures graduates are equipped with the future skills needed when they enter the workforce.

“Having collaborated with Murdoch as an industry partner, it is heartening to see Murdoch invested in producing top-quality students for the future of work, it’s evident from this presentation this is the case.”

Landing an internship with Murdoch

Since winning the award from EY, Jennifer has been given the opportunity through an internship with Murdoch to further explore the customer journey of a MBA student at Murdoch - and even implement some of her recommendations. 

“It’s really exciting to be given the opportunity to see my ideas come to life. Applying what I’ve learnt in the classroom to a real-world environment  has been very insightful,” she said.

“I feel very empowered, supported, and really impressed by the community!”

Lecturer in Management, Dr Kenneth Yap, said it was fantastic to see Jennifer applying theoretical skills learnt in the classroom to a real-world scenario.

“One of our focuses at the Murdoch Business School is to prepare students for the complex challenges of companies, and this internship has given Jennifer the opportunity  to do so.

Jennifer's five top tips for postgraduate students

For those considering a postgraduate qualification, Jennifer offers the following advice:

  1. Be present in classes to fully benefit from your lecturers' expertise.
  2. Approach assignments with seriousness, as they provide valuable learning opportunities.
  3. Foster relationships with lecturers and academic staff to cultivate professional connections.
  4. Embrace your studies by selecting elective units that align with your interests.
  5. Collaborate and learn from fellow students, as their perspectives can enrich your educational experience.
If you’re looking to upskill, reskill or even change careers, explore the possibilities of an MBA at Murdoch.
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17 Jul 2023

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