Life after high school: what next?

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All those nights spent cramming in last-minute study, keeping up with assignments rather than the Kardashians, and stressing out about what’s going to happen when it’s all over has come to an end.

Sure, there are lots of things that you are probably still trying to work out, like should you go to uni, what can you do if your plans don’t work out, and what is uni even like? Let’s break it down:    

To study or not to study?

Studying at uni will provide you with an immense amount of information, understanding, and experience to help shape you into the knowledgeable professional you can become. Not to mention that the staff and academics who will teach you are specialised in their fields and know what they’re talking about. 

Besides being able to soak up everything you can about what you want to learn, it’s also an awesome opportunity to meet new people, explore opportunities to study abroad, and gain valuable experience to prepare yourself for your desired career. 

Then comes the next part – getting to know uni life. 

What is uni like?

Going from high school to university can seem daunting, but you’re definitely not alone. And once you've got a hang of uni lingo, the transition into uni can feel like a breeze. 

Uni is a wonderful mix of people, places, opportunities and experiences. It’s the perfect time to explore your interests and set yourself new standards. There is also an abundance of support available from seasoned students and campus staff, so there’s always support when you need it. 

Take advantage of the different opportunities available to you to meet people who can answer your questions and help you get familiar with uni life. Unis hold loads of different events with the aim of helping you work out what it is you need. These include events such as: 

Career and Information Evenings

Speak with academics, students and alumni at a Career Information Evening and get to know more about what you want to study.

A Day in the Life

Experience life as a Murdoch student through A Day in the Life – pick classes for the day and attend workshops, lectures and labs with potential new classmates. 

Get a taste of some of our courses by checking out our videos

Campus tours and appointments

Take a tour of the campus or get advice on careers and the admission process by booking one-on-one appointments with a future students’ specialist. 

Working out a plan B 

Not sure if your ATAR is going to cut it? Don't worry. 

Enabling courses such as OnTrack Flex and OnTrack Sprint are short courses specifically designed to prepare you for entry into your desired uni course. Or if you have previous work or vocational experience, this could count as prerequisites for entry into some courses. 

There are a variety of admission pathways available to explore if you don't think direct entry into uni with an ATAR is an option. 

Explore these options and more online or contact our Student Services team to chat with someone to map out your options.

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28 Oct 2019

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