Distinguished scholarship readying Murdoch students for worldly opportunities

Interim Vice Chancellor Jane den Hollander with NCP Scholars

Three young, bright minds from Murdoch University have been named 2022 New Colombo Plan Scholars, recognising their excellent academic performance and providing the opportunity to experience the Indo-Pacific region through their studies.

The New Colombo Plan (NCP) is a signature initiative of the Australian Government, which aims to enhance knowledge of the Indo-Pacific region by supporting Australian undergraduates to study and undertake internships in the region.
Jet-Din Hang, Tilly Jowle-Gill and Ella Ruland are among the 120 Australian undergraduate students immersing themselves in cities and regions across the Indo-Pacific in 2022.

Jane den Hollander, Interim Vice Chancellor (IVC) at Murdoch University, congratulates each recipient and commends them on their successes and commitment to their studies.

The dedication and passion displayed by these three recipients has enabled them to undertake this remarkable opportunity to learn about new cultures while they study and gain work experience." Professor Jane den Hollander, Interim Vice Chancellor

Aspiring international lawyer

Jet-Din Hang, who is studying a Bachelor of Laws, will complete units in international law and learn language studies in India, then complete his internship in China over a total duration of 17 months. 

“I’m excited to have been awarded a 2022 NCP Scholarship,” said Jet-Din.

With a passion for Law, Jet-Din’s long-term goal is to improve and diversify Australia’s trade and investment portfolio. 
As a New Colombo Plan scholar, Jet-Din hopes to acquire new knowledge and skills to help him make a difference in Australia’s trades through his studies and practical experiences.

“As an aspiring international lawyer, I’m passionate about learning how Australia’s free trade agreement with China and India could unlock economic, competitive and job opportunities for Australia.”

A love for creativity, art and design

Tilly Jowle-Gill, Bachelor of Creative Media student, will study Design at Seoul National University in South Korea.

Studying Games Art and Design along with Graphic Design at Murdoch University has inspired Tilly to follow her passion for creativity through to Seoul, South Korea and then onto Nendo Studios in Tokyo, Japan. 

I lived in Seoul in 2019 on a working holiday and fell in love with the excitement and freedom of the city. Since living there in 2019, I have always wanted to go back and this scholarship will allow me to intertwine my love for the culture and my passion for art & design."
Tilly Jowle-Gill, Murdoch Student and 2022 New Colombo Plan Scholar

Tilly plans to study at Seoul National University for two semesters and then undertake an internship at Nendo Studios, Japan.

“Japan is leading the way in the Games and Design Industry, with companies such as Nintendo. My internship program will provide me with the knowledge, tools and connections needed to build my future career and create a unique rapport between Australia’s and Japan’s creative media field, in the hopes that Australia can continue to expand our games & design industry.”

Marine-life advocate and researcher

Ella Ruland, a Bachelor of Conversation and Wildlife Biology and Marine Science (Honours) student, specializes in the spatial ecology and cultural evolution of humpback whale songs from Western Australia to the South Pacific populations.

Ella will be in the Cook Islands and French Polynesia, following the migration trail of the humpback whales. 
Ella has been named an NCP Fellow for 2022, a prestigious award presented at the NCP Award ceremony.

“My hope is to involve local community members to incorporate the Indigenous epistemologies of Polynesian peoples and employ culturally-appropriate research methodologies,” said Ella.

With her love of nature and the people, Ella is excited to experience her internship at The Center of Cetacean Research and Conservation (CCRC) as a member of the Cook Islands Whale Research (CIWR) project.

The New Colombo Plan Scholarship will open a door to a whole new world for me. My overarching long-term aspiration is to study cetaceans aboard a zero-emissions research vessel, travelling between Australia and the Pacific.” Ella Ruland, Murdoch Student and 2022 New Colombo Plan Fellow

“I’m excited to immerse myself in the culture and language, to foster people-to-people relationships, and build government and institutional connections within two, potentially three, South Pacific nations, which will be an invaluable beginning to the future I see for myself,” said Ella.

The Australian Government wants study and work-based experiences in the Indo-Pacific to become a rite of passage for young Australian undergraduate students.
Interested in studying at Murdoch? Find out more about the New Colombo Plan and the variety of scholarships Murdoch has to offer.
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10 Dec 2021

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