Everyone knows your name at the School of Nursing

Female nursing student in front of hospital

When asked to describe the School of Nursing, the Dean of Nursing, Vicki Cope, without any hesitation said “a school where everyone knows your name.”

Surrounded by sprawling bushland, both the South Street and Mandurah Murdoch campuses are a breath of fresh air.  

When asked about what separates the School of Nursing from its competitors, Associate Professor Susan Slayter said, “You’re not just a number within our walls. We provide a contemporary, innovative and caring space for our students, and our personalised support is what separates us from others.”  

With expert teachers and researchers encapsulated in their ranks, the School of Nursing at Murdoch provides more than just degrees, they hone and create learning experiences to best support the nurses and health practitioners of tomorrow.

With state-of-the-art clinical laboratories, advance nursing skills development, international and national clinical placements and a strong hospital and community of health collaborations, the school provides extraordinary learning opportunities and placements. 

Working in collaboration with services such as, Pebble Pad, all students are provided a portfolio of achievement, of which they continue to add to in the duration of their study at Murdoch University. This portfolio not only includes a CV but evidence of each students learning and experience of such is up to NMBA standards. In addition, each student completes short modules that highlight specialty areas within nursing like phlebotomy and more. 

With innovative, homogenous research, the team at the School of Nursing are forever creating space for ground-breaking research. Through partnerships with Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital and Fiona Stanley Hospital, not only the placement opportunities but the research are endless and tailored to patient wellbeing and scientific discoveries.  

In a world where people can feel like a number, Murdoch’s School of Nursing make sure every student feels like they’re a part of the spotlight. That starts with knowing your name.


Everyone knows your name at the School of Nursing

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