World leading scientists assemble at Murdoch

three researchers in a lab at Murdoch University

Several Murdoch University researchers have been named in the top 2% most influential scientists in the world, including the country’s top parasitologist.

Global publishing and analytics firm, Elsevier has named 48 Murdoch researchers in a list of the top 2% scientists in the world, based on the citation scores. 

The publicly available database of over 100,000 of the world’s top scientists provides a definitive and standardised list of the top researchers across 22 scientific fields.

Researchers were ranked for the impact of their research over the course of their career. 

The Elsevier list includes Professor Una Ryan, who was also named the country’s top scientist in the field of Tropical Medicine and Parasitology in The Australian’s list of the top 250 researchers in 2021.

Professor Daniel Murphy, Director of the Centre for Sustainable Farming Systems, was named the nations top biochemistry researcher. 

Professor Ryan is an internationally recognised expert in parasites and vector-borne diseases within the Vector and Waterborne Pathogens Research Group at Murdoch University. 

Professor Ryan’s contributions to the field have also been recognised as a Fellow of the Australian Society for Parasitology this year for her pioneering work.

Her body of research includes discovering unsuspected environmental and zoonotic threats to human health and suggesting practical ways to minimise these threats. 

Professor Ryan’s research has led to two patents and the development of new diagnostic tests for a range of parasites.

“It’s a very well-deserved endorsement of Una’s dedication and tireless work to lead the field of parasitology, which extends across all three of our food, health and environmental research institutes,” said Professor David Morrison, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Research and Innovation. 


To think she did her PhD here in 1996 and is now standing atop her field – it’s been a remarkable research career and one that’s got a lot more in store, I’m sure.” Professor David Morrison

“I have always been fascinated by the ability of parasites to constantly evolve and survive challenging environments and I am very grateful for the opportunities that have been afforded me by Murdoch University and I thank all my collaborators and colleagues for their great work” said Professor Ryan.

Today, Professor Ryan continues to deliver ground-breaking research, including the development of a fast, reliable water test enabled by ‘gut-on-a-chip technology’ for major waterborne pathogens found in untreated Australian water supplies.

The three pathogens - Cryptosporidium, adenovirus and norovirus - are among the major causes of gastroenteritis in Australia, which is estimated to cost Australia more than $1 billion annually.

Professor Ryan is also pursuing the application of Next Generation Sequencing for studying pathogens in wastewater samples.

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Posted on:

11 Nov 2021



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