With a little bit of self-belief, anything is possible

James Ingham talks to a classmate at Murdoch University cafe

Have you put off attending uni due to negative experiences in high school or feelings of self-doubt? After taking a 15-year break from learning, James finally found the confidence to pursue his dream of attending uni and start his path to a better future.

Despite being an extremely capable and bright student, James did not enjoy his time in high school. Due to his experience with bullying, James was filled with self-doubt and unwilling to enter another classroom environment. After graduating he made the decision to not pursue his dream of going to university, instead heading into the workforce.

"I worked in retail for 15 years, living the 9-5 life and paying my bills. While I held good positions I still believed I wasn’t good or smart enough to chase my dream of becoming a Counselling Psychologist."

The feeling that he had unfulfilled potential never left James. Unsettled and seeking a change, he took the time to reflect on what he truly wanted out of life, and connected to his true passion for helping others.

For James, it was time to act. Taking the first step on his journey towards higher education, James attended Murdoch University’s Open Day where he discovered FlexiTrack, an enabling course that would give him the opportunity to gain entry into university.

"What drew me to FlexiTrack was the ability to embark on my academic journey online in the comfort of my own home.

"The incredible support of my tutor, plus the inclusionary efforts of Murdoch were all aspects of FlexiTrack I enjoyed most."

FlexiTrack is Murdoch's free online enabling course that qualifies students to apply directly for any undergraduate degree at Murdoch University requiring a Selection Rank of 70. With the option to complete FlexiTrack over 10 weeks, 20 weeks, or 12 months, students are able to fit in study around their schedule.

Finding self-belief again

Despite having struggled with self-belief in the past, James' perseverance and the support of an amazing tutor allowed him to excel in the FlexiTrack program.

"A determination to not give up on myself this time helped me to complete FlexiTrack. My tutor, Kersti, provided great support and was always there for me to lean on if I was struggling.”

"FlexiTrack gave me the evidence to disprove some negative core-beliefs I had about myself and empowered me with knowledge and tools to excel at a university level. I would recommend FlexiTrack to anyone."

Creating a brighter future

With a deep-seated drive to understand the mind and help sufferers of mental illness, James applied and was accepted into a Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) with a Double Major in Sociology, which he started in Semester 1, 2018.

"When I was accepted into my course I felt a rainbow of emotions… I was proud and humbled.

"Before FlexiTrack I had not studied in some time and my anxiety over being judged was heightened due to my negative high school experience. Being able to study at my own pace and learn in a comfortable environment through FlexiTrack empowered me with the confidence to fully engage with my first semester on campus."

Thanks to his newfound confidence, the encouragement of FlexiTrack tutors and the support of fellow students, James is already thinking beyond his first degree, intent on completing a Master's Degree in Counselling Psychology and using his study to make a positive difference to the lives of others.

Most importantly, James is finally enjoying student life and has found the environment at Murdoch to be inclusive and judgement-free.

"It is really refreshing to be a part of an inclusive learning environment."

Just like James, our free online FlexiTrack course can help you achieve your dream of studying at university. The next intake dates are February 18 and April 29. Apply today and you could be commencing your undergraduate degree in Semester 2, 2019.

To learn more about gaining uni entry no matter what your circumstances, come along to our Admission Pathways Evening on Wednesday October 17 and find the entry pathway that best suits you. Register to attend now.


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