Pitch perfect: chasing the entrepreneurial dream

Adam Kinnest

In 2018, Murdoch student Adam Kinnest took a chance by applying to the Pitch@Palace Australia 2.0 event, giving him the ultimate opportunity to showcase his innovative business idea to a global audience.

In collaboration with a fellow student, Adam developed SafetySoc - wearable technology which monitors body vitals to alert the wearer if they are at risk of falling. It’s an innovative idea that aims to reduce falls in elderly and people with low mobility.

We spoke to Adam to learn more about his experience participating in Pitch@Palace and his advice for others looking to apply.

1. How did you hear about Pitch@Palace and why did you apply?

I heard about Pitch@Palace through the University. I chose to apply to not only raise the profile of what I was trying to achieve with my idea but also to challenge myself. Pitch@Palace is entrepreneurship on a global scale, and if I could stand up and pitch my idea I had already achieved what I set out to do.

The application process is a simple and easy process. My advice to anyone who wants to apply is to put some time and effort into answering the questions because they become your written pitch to not only the Palace but to the audience who you’ll be pitching to.

2. What was it like participating in Pitch@Palace and how has it helped you as an entrepreneur?

Pitch@Palace was such an empowering experience, I felt totally out of my depth at first and even wanted to quit on the day of my pitch in Perth, however I was empowered by my fellow entrepreneurs and the amazing team at Murdoch who supported us through every step of the process. Both the local round and the national round were fast paced, it was surprising how fast it all went by however it was an experience even I would not chance.

I received great feedback as well as opportunities with the Australian government and investors. These opportunities are only possible with the exposure, even if at the end you don’t walk away with a deal the journey is just as important. Pitch@Palace helps give you this exposure.

3. How did your experience at Murdoch assist you with your experience with Pitch@Palace?

At the time I took the Pitch@Palace challenge I was a nursing student. In my nursing studies I was taught about self-reflection, critical thinking and how to think outside the box. These teachings supported the creation of my idea. I have since moved into a postgraduate degree in business which has only enhanced my knowledge and understanding of how to manage and run successful business.

5. What advice do you have for people considering applying for Pitch@Palace?

Remember your passion and the purpose of your idea. It’s vital to have faith in yourself and remember Pitch@Palace is about providing your audience with what they ask. I would recommend even early start-ups take the leap as this is a great way to gauge your market, investors and future customers.

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15 Jul 2019

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