Murdoch researcher awarded runner up in NAIDOC Awards 2022

Dr Bep Uink holding her NAIDOC runner up award

Congratulations to Dr Bep Uink, Murdoch Research Fellow at Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre, was awarded the runner-up prize for the 2022 NAIDOC Theme Award at the Perth ceremony on Saturday 25 June 2022.

Dr Uink ground-breaking research in adolescent racism and navigating life as Aboriginal and LGBTIQA+ youth led her to be nominated for this award.  

Her dedication and passion for providing a voice for young people has inspired the newest study in collaboration with Dr Rebecca Bennett, Murdoch Senior Lecturer at Kulbardi, called Racism and Allyship in Aboriginal Youth Spaces (RAAYS).  

The study explores the experiences and effects of racism among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adolescents and examines how non-Indigenous adults can support these young people and to combat racism in the broader society. 

Dr Uink’s pioneering research into the lives of today’s youth as both Aboriginal and LGBTIQA+ aims to understand what services they require, so their communities can meet their healthcare needs. 

 Dr Uink, along with researchers across WA, published the Walkern Katatdjin Community Report in 2021. The report states that ‘identity’, ‘family’, ‘community’, ‘visibility’, ‘services’, ‘stigma, fear and shame’, and ‘navigating’ are the seven major themes impacting the lives of Aboriginal LGBTIQA+ young people aged 14 to 25.    

In line with the 2022 theme for NAIDOC, ‘Get Up! Stand Up! Show Up!’, Dr Uink continues to make systemic changes and improve the lives of thousands of young people.  


A huge congratulations to 2022 NAIDOC ‘Get up! Stand up! Show up!’ Award runner up, Kulbardi’s own, Dr Bep Uink! We’re so proud of the work you do in our community Bep!" Kulbardi Aboriginal Centre (Facebook).


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29 Jun 2022



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