Hands on teaching degree offers a world of opportunity

Murdoch student teaching secondary education

Megan is taking as many teaching opportunities as she can because she knows it sets her career on the right path.

For Murdoch University student Megan Smith, taking on every practical learning opportunity she can  during her Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching) is a vital part of her studies.

The supportive teaching staff, beautiful campus and scholarship opportunities have made Megan feel right at home on the Perth campus, and she sees the practical elements of her degree as a distinct advantage.

Opening minds in Canada with teaching placement

After completing her first short-term teaching placement locally, she took a professional placement at the University of Calgary in Canada through the Campus Calgary Open Minds Program.

“This opportunity was incredible and so enriching,” Megan said.

I was involved in various learning and teaching experiences, which will directly aid my professional development as a prospective teacher. Being a part of the program is such an achievement, as it feels like it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in such an unbelievably beautiful country.”

The five-day practical was undertaken as part of Murdoch’s Teaching Across Borders program.

“This international placement allowed me to compare and contrast the education systems between Canada and Australia. I thoroughly enjoyed both practical experiences and found them highly beneficial to my degree.”

Learning with cutting-edge training technology

Murdoch’s Bachelor of Education in Secondary Teaching offers extensive opportunities for practical real-world experience in combination with cutting-edge education training technology.

“Another aspect of Murdoch that sets itself apart from other universities is the unique learning environments, such as SimLabTM in education. I have been fortunate to experience SimLab, which Murdoch is the first university in Australia to offer. As a student of education, this opportunity is distinct to Murdoch University.”

Murdoch’s SimLab technology gives students the chance to practice difficult situations in a realistic environment with no risk. Using avatars and professional actors connecting via video conference, SimLab allows students to practice conversations, including interventions with students and parents.

Freethinking philosophy in a supportive, vibrant community

Murdoch is a place for freethinkers to exercise their passion and develop their mindset through stimulating coursework and experiences. 

I am free to think, learn and connect with others in my own manner, knowing for certain I have the support and guidance from Murdoch’s staff when required."

The amount of real-life professional experience Murdoch offers education students is exemplary, which solidified my choice to study at Murdoch," Megan said. 

Studying at Murdoch means joining an inclusive and vibrant community, with plenty of opportunities to develop lasting friendships and professional networks.

“From staff to students to visitors, everyone at Murdoch is friendly and welcoming. I have always felt included and supported at Murdoch University as a result of the amiable nature of the people. Socially, I have found it very easy to fit in at Murdoch and make new friends. I have been able to form strong, professional relationships with the staff at Murdoch as a result of the plentiful social opportunities on and off campus.”

Graduation isn’t far away, but before she goes into the workforce, Megan will be adding more practical experience to her existing two completed placements to get her career off on the right foot. 

“I hope to graduate having completed an international placement or internship, rural placement and a close-to-home placement. I aim to graduate with the desired skills and characteristics to start my teaching career in the best way possible.”

Looking to influence the next generation like Megan? Explore the Bachelor of Education (Secondary Teaching) or Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood and Primary Teaching) at Murdoch.
Posted on:

30 Nov 2021

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