First hybrid teaching class held with students in Perth, Singapore and Japan

Hybrid class

New teaching technology at Murdoch University is opening up the world for tourism students in Perth and across the globe.

Students undertaking the Sustainable Tourism Development winter unit at Murdoch’s WA campus have taken part in the first hybrid teaching class at Boola Katitjin, along with students from Murdoch’s Singapore campus and Hoksei Gakuan University in Japan.

This event was made possible thanks to Tech-Enabled (TEL) desks, which allow students to connect with any device, collaborate with their group and present and share their work with the rest of the class, from anywhere in the world.

Murdoch has worked with technology partners to establish this innovative use of technologies, creating an enriched in-person and hybrid learning experience for students.

Associate Lecturer Social Sciences Yohei Okamoto said the new teaching technology at Boola Katitjin ensures the students and teachings can all come together.

“In this unit we are combining both hybrid and traditional classroom teaching and through use of the new technologies, aiming for all workshops to have an interactive component,” said Mr Okamoto.

“As part of the course ten Australian and seven Singapore based Murdoch students will travel together to Japan, so the interactive teaching and learning component will ensure the students are well connected first, as a learning group.

We want our tourism students to have their eyes opened to the world and our new facilities are certainly helping to make that happen.”

A ‘wall of screens’ within the Boola Katitjin classrooms allow a high level of immersion, by bringing together physical and virtual spaces to allow students to work more collaboratively.

TOU310 Sustainable Tourism Development (Asian Study Tour) is a study abroad program that incorporates innovative teaching approaches, as well as involvement in real-life projects in international teams across government, non-profit and private sector groups in Hokkaido, Japan.

The program is funded by the New Colombo Plan (NCP) and Murdoch’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences as a research project. The travel group will also be made up of students from other disciplines including psychology, sociology, counter terrorism, sociology, sustainability and more.

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11 Jul 2023

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