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Level 1, Welcome Space

Not only does Boola Katitjin cater to your individual study and learning needs, it offers informal spaces where you can meet with friends or collaborate with your peers on group assignments.

You’ll also find a range of digital and physical artworks spread throughout Boola Katitjin, designed to make you feel welcome and spark your curiosity.  

The informal spaces are available for ad-hoc bookings and are fitted with booking screens outside the rooms. 

*Staff can access a comprehensive guide to the learning spaces via the Intranet. 

Welcome Space  

As you enter Boola Katitjin off Discovery Way, you will find the Level 1 Welcome Space. With its grand double-height space, contemporary lighting design, and the unique architecture of Boola Katitjin, the Welcome Space is an ideal location for a showcase event. It also features tiered seating suitable for seminars, panel events, and presentations.

Laptop Lounge

Alongside the Computer Lab on Level 1, you will discover the Laptop Lounge. Designed for group or individual work, this space provides a place where you can prepare for digital learning experiences or presentations.  

Project rooms

Located on Levels 2 and 3, the project rooms are private spaces that can accommodate up to four people and can be used for group or individual work. Each room is equipped with a Microsoft Teams collaboration panel, allowing you to work on assignments with your peers remotely and in person. It also features Airmedia, enabling you to connect your own personal device to large-format LCD screens to project or share your work. 

Northern Events Space

Located on Level 3 is the Northern Events Space, which can hold large-scale events all year round. From formal events like graduations to more informal student events with food trucks, expect the Northern Events Space to be regularly activated. It is also conveniently located next to Student Central; your new one-stop shop for student services.  

Student Hall

Situated centrally across Level 2, 3 and 4 are the Student Halls. These are the main interconnection hallways through the building, providing access to the formal teaching and learning spaces and student portals. The Student Halls on Levels 2 and 3 also feature large format study desks, seating, and whiteboards for you to work on individual or group assignments. 

The Level 4 Student Hall offers a more relaxed space including a lounge area and various flexible seating options.

Student Portal

The student portals are located on Levels 2 and 3. These spaces provide both east-west and vertical connections throughout the building. Surrounding these portals, you will find student kitchen facilities, all gender and accessible amenities and informal breakout areas with tables, seating, and a collection of commissioned digital artworks. 

Some student portals will also connect with student portal decks which are naturally ventilated breakout spaces providing elevated views over Banksia Court.  

Student Central 

In addition to the informal learning spaces, Boola Katitjin will house the new Student Central on Level 3, making it easy to drop by and speak with a Student Advisor, who can help you with everything from enrolments to study help and beyond.   

Food and Beverage retailers 

Two new food and beverage retailers are coming to Boola Katitjin. They’ll be located in the Level 1 Welcome Space and on Level 3. These will provide more options to catch up with friends, meet for group work or find a quiet spot to study to work on assignments. 

With all of this on offer and more – what's not to get excited about? 

Curious to see inside? Watch the virtual tour of Boola Katitjin to explore the spaces in Boola Katitjin. 
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30 Nov 2022

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