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This is free thinking

We didn’t become a free-thinking university overnight. Since we were founded in 1976, we’ve been committed to providing students with the kind of education which helps them to change their worlds, think for themselves, and find new ways to push past the status quo.

You could be a free thinker

We believe to think freely is to think for yourself. To see a situation and form your own opinion. To question, to learn and to grow.

When you’re thinking for yourself, there’s no limit on what you might achieve. Whether you want to change the whole world, some of the world or just your world, you’re supported to tap into your individuality and let it inform where you find your place.

Tuesday's classroom

Ever sat in a science class kilometres out to sea? This is what it’s like to study at a free-thinking university.

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Josh Parker

Josh’s love for the ocean comes from his childhood in Bali, and ultimately lead him to his dream degree. It’s practical experiences, like Coral Bay, which make his experience so memorable.
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Kyler Rowson

Kyler combines her artistic flair and scientific mind in her studies and day to day life. She loved Coral Bay for the opportunity to make lasting connections with industry experts.
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Jo Bulley

A passionate shark lover, Jo cherished the opportunity to get up close with her favourite creatures in Coral Bay. It’s one of the many ways she’s been able to balance her studies with traveling the world.
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Learning in the real world

Learning is more than just sitting in a classroom listening to a lecture. It’s taking your knowledge, applying it in the real world, and getting useful experience.
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The original free-thinker

The only education out of which good can come is the education which teaches you to think for yourself, instead of swallowing whatever the fashion of the moment may prescribe.

Sir Walter Murdoch, 1926

Where free-thinking happens

Get to know what life on campus is really like. From the natural surrounds to our world-class facilities and student support services, there’s a lot to love about life at Murdoch.