Tien sitting on couch with laptop

What drew me to Murdoch

Tien Hong, 21, Computer Science + Mathematics and Statistics

A little about me

I’m from Malaysia and I’m enrolled in a Bachelor of Science, double majoring in Computer Science, and Mathematics and Statistics. To get into university I took GCE A-Levels, which is a UK-based exam in Malaysia, and I'm the first in my family to be enrolled at university. I have a passion for mathematics and statistics, which is why I pursued this course.

I've had two scholarships at Murdoch. I was awarded the International Welcome Scholarship, which really helped me financially throughout the course – especially as an international student. And I currently hold the Scholarship for Scientific Excellence.

I enjoy creating digital art, as well as exploring the great outdoors here in Perth.

How I knew what I wanted to study

I picked mathematics and statistics as I enjoy fiddling with numbers and seeing patterns emerge from formulas and statistics. As for computer science, I enjoy how interactive it can be and how software and code are created with just a few key taps.

Where I see myself in the future

After my course, I'd like to venture towards the industry side of IT and apply my knowledge to aid the research in Big Data. I want to help make the world a better place.

What’s surprised me most about Murdoch

The main thing that has surprised me here at Murdoch is how supportive everyone can be and everyone you interact with is so friendly. The people are so diverse in culture, too. You get to meet other international students from other countries, and learning about their cultures is great fun.

Murdoch provides a great environment for us to grow, be inspired and learn.

What I love about my uni experience

It has to be the bonds and connections I have made with the staff, lecturers and students. I believe it’s because of these bonds that I have come so far, and it is because of them I have a future ahead of me. Without their support, I would be far from where I am today.

Why I chose Murdoch

I chose Murdoch for its learning environment as it is peaceful, and the support given to students is amazing as well. It’s a great environment for us to grow, be inspired and learn.